Why Outsourcing IT Services are Different from Off Shoring Services | Anthony Constantinou CEO CWM FX

Oct 15, 2021

Anthony Constantinou CEO CWM FX says, Call center organizations have mainly shown their involvements in off shoring and outsourcing businesses. Although, call center businesses may give both off shoring and outsourcing services at the same time, you may find some differences related with the work location and selection of workers. Whenever call center businesses shown their involvements in the off shoring activities, the company has to move its business into some other country in the world. On the other side, outsourcing IT services refer to processes of using some third party workers to do traditional in-house operations related with the business. Hence, companies can easily do all such activities by staying in either outside or inside their home country. Call center business organizations have to do both activities at the same time in an attempt towards saving of big amount of money.

Overview of Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing is one of the common practices performed by large numbers of business organizations with their aim of reducing the expenses and gaining access to employees possessing special skill sets and often receives some additional benefits. In case of outsourcing businesses, business owners do not have the compulsion for moving out from their own countries. This is because; business organizations can easily seek out various local third party employees for performing the outsourcing process. However, if possible, business owners have to do the outsourcing IT services often by going in to some other countries.

Overview of ‘Off shoring’ Services

Experienced personalities related off shoring services consider off shoring activity as the subset of outsourcing. Whenever company finds low operating costs in any particular country as compared to its home country, the company moves to that location with an aim of reducing expenses.

Similarities between Outsourcing and ‘Off shoring’ Services

Whether call center companies or companies delivering IT services have their involvements in off shoring or in outsourcing business, companies should involve in satisfying the needs of their clients. For this, both outsourcing and off shoring staffs should have good training in dealing with different queries of the customers. At the same time, call center companies should have to take steps to keep a proper track of the communication between the clients and company staffs with the help of certain voice analysis or voice-tracking software designed by many reputable companies of the world.

Difference between Outsourcing and ‘Off shoring’ Services

Outsourcing and off shoring services offered by various call center companies often have difference based on their locations. This is because; in case of outsourcing, businesses do not have to hire any external worker for completion of the job. On the other side, businesses do the activities of off shoring within their own countries. This means that people sitting anywhere around the world can hire Web Development India for taking their business to another level.