Why P2P Lending Software is blooming without a rest

Article about Why P2P Lending Software is blooming without a rest

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Jun 21, 2021

Statista expert estimates that the global peer loan market value will reach $ 1,000b in 2025. This means that the company crowdfunding will take a larger part of the pie right in front of the petelles.

In addition to the famous loan club, a circle of funds, and beginners, there are many newcomers who conquer niches such as real estate, Crypto & ICOS, car financing, restaurant business, education, etc.

While some people can argue whether P2P loans are a very good topic for diving, Peer To Peer loans will continue to compete with traditional bank products in the nearest time.

Meanwhile, lets see why you should create a P2P lending Software, what features to have, and what budget will be set for the development of the P2P lending Software.

Car Finance

This is a fairly young but growing rapid sector. P2P car loans will help borrowers buy cars with cash, through a leasing scheme or with bank loan assistance.

According to the survey, the financial market value of the car is around £ 27.1b, 80% of them are guaranteed personal loans. This is what inspires established crushfunding gurus such as Zopa and Rates to expand their product reach.

For example, Zopa offers car loans for 1-5 years with 3.9% April.

Without joining, online applications, lower rates, and top-notch customer service, crowdfunding platform position themselves as a very fast and easy method to buy your dream car.



Crowdfunding real estate is one of the hottest niches, and continues to attract more borrowers and investors.

P2P real estate loans are an excellent alternative to property borrowers to gather seed capital needed and for everyday investors to generate additional income.

P2P loans are less risky compared to equity investments that were once the preferred method for financing real estate projects. In terms of projects subject to pauses, lenders are the first in the line to get rewards.

Given this, supporters are more likely to participate in peer to peer loan schemes rather than buying company shares.

P2P loan business

From traditional industries to certain businesses - peer to peer lending companies expand customers.


There are website forces designed for sectors such as Cryptocurrency, Restaurant, Transportation and Startup Fintech.


Grupeer mainly deals with Startup Fintech which offers business loans for 3-12 months with 5% -10% rate of return. Each loan issued is supported by a repurchase guarantee that protects investor rights.


Crowdestor is a young service provider with a focus on property, transportation and business ranging from € 50. Crowdestor is based on two traditional crowdfunding (business loans) and equity investment. The annual rate of return starts from 12%.


Education and scientific invoices are a relatively new market for P2P lenders. Statistically, around 85% of students took educational loans. While the average university general students borrowed $ 30,030 only to achieve a bachelors degree.


After the purpose of education, users can raise money to get a degree to fund scientific and research programs. Although the P2P demand is higher education and continues to increase, there are not many businesses that provide such services. Top companies including prosperous, kiva, college finance, etc.

For example, college - website crowdfunding US-based education - offers a variety of products to cover the needs of various student categories:

·        Private student loans with April range from 1.12% to 14.50%.

·        Financing student loans again with the April range from 1.98% to 8.49%.

·        Student credit card stores with a April range from 15.25%.

·        Scholarships with cash prizes start at $ 2,000.

What are the features of P2P Lending Software needs?

After you choose the target niche, its time to consider how to develop P2P loan banking software. It doesnt matter whether you want to start a small startup agent or develop a giant company for all P2P needs, there is a set of tools and features of your digital platform you cant do it without.

NCrypted developers are experienced in peer to peer lending and claim that each P2P platform requires the following fundamentals:

·        Safety and security modules to protect users from fraud and data theft. This is a guarantee that your users will not lose investment, personal data, and loyalty to your brand.

·        Payment and money transfer is a fundamental of the loan platform. Note that not all payment solutions are suitable for lenders because you need a solution to receive customer-to-business and business-to-customer transactions.

·        Document management modules allow you to streamline the process of electronic transactions by eliminating paper documentation and reporting.

·        Admin Dashboard and CRM to provide 360-degree display top performance platforms, general management tasks, server information, user statistics, etc.

·        Marketplace feature for automatic loan matches between borrowers and investors. Without this module, you will not be able to provide P2P services.

·        Apart from all this, the P2P money loan platform may require several additional benefits to encourage exceptional and prominent customer experience in the middle of the crowd.

Words of Wisdom

There are many ideas on how to set up the P2P lending software company. There are many solutions on the web that offer business variables and loan visions. Your task is to find a team that can apply your look or guide you through development for success. Hopefully, we present some insight into creating an interesting P2P crowdlending platform that you can calculate. If you are ready to discuss some thoughts about your loan platform. We even empower you along with the MCA Software.

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