Why Should I Opt For The Piedmont Wine Tours

Article about Why Should I Opt For The Piedmont Wine Tours

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Aug 11, 2021

If youre a wine aficionado, the Piedmont wine in Italy should top your list. You can gauge into sophisticated Italian cuisines from white truffles to rice and its delicious wines.

You can take a tour of the Italian locality, peaceful rural areas, or vibrant cities. Piedmont wine region is situated in Italys northwest corner. Piedmont is one of Italys most renowned wind manufacturers and is well-revered for Barbaresco and Barolo wine production. Apart from wine production, there are several factors to discover within the Piedmont region. Turins striking backdrop filled with electronic music and modern art flaunts sublime rural valleys and towns along with alpine hiking trails that serve Italys famous white truffles and reds.

Why Are Piedmont Wines Outstanding?

The distinctiveness of these wines stems out from several well-cultivated grape varieties. Piedmont wines are unique and different from the rest as the Piedmontese grapes arent grown in other regions of Italy. Yes, the wines produced in Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, Barbera, the Grignolino, and Cortese cant beat the quality of Piedmontese wines. More importantly, Piedmont, a region enriched with its wines, also produces the world-famous sweet wine of Italy.

What Are The Different Wine Varieties Found in Italy?

The varieties of red wine are as follows:

Ø  Nebbiolo

Ø  Grignolino

Ø  Barbera

Ø  Vespolina

Ø  Dolcetto

Ø  Malvasia Nera

The varieties of white wine are as follows:

Ø  Moscato

Ø  Cortese

Ø  Chardonnay

Ø  Arneis

Where Are The Famous Vineyards of Piedmont Located?

Piedmonts wine-producing regions or vineyards stretch between the Apennines in the South and the Alps in the North. These two best mountain regions greatly dominate Italian viticulture. Owing to their favorable terrain and climate, these mountains contribute to producing extremely best quality wines. Additionally, Piedmonts best vineyards can be found on poor sandstone soils or calcareous marl. These vineyards dominate the Appennines, which form the hilly landscape within the southern region.

Where Can You Taste Piedmonts Best Wines?

You can ask your private or local tour provider to take you to local wineries situated within the Piedmont wine region. Consequently, your tour provider will guide you throughout your entire tour and take you to the small and family-owned wine estates.

Apart from helping you to enjoy the best wine experiences, a local or private tour provider will narrate you captivating local stories and anecdotes. Meanwhile, you can sip your wine while hearing the local stories related to Italys history and wine culture. You can also admire the breathtaking view of the vineyard and beautiful landscapes. Just reach out to a private guide or local tour provider!