Why is My Canon Printer Displaying “Check Ink” 1486 Support Code

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Oct 18, 2021

Over the years, users have received high-end printing features in Canon printers along with great customer service as well. The brand has provided printers that are extremely user-friendly and are available in a vast range of varieties. However, considering it is a machine, the printer is bound to struggle with glitches, whether it is in hardware or software. Regardless of being a renowned and user-friendly brand, the printers often struggle with different kinds of error codes.

Error codes displaying in your printer simply indicate the issue emerging inside your printer, which is pretty usual when printers are used for a while. When your printer detects that something is acting up inside it, the printer will display some of the signs, for instance, the continuous blinking of the alarm lights. Sometimes you will struggle with printing jobs, as it will automatically shut down in between the printing process. Also, when your printer starts making a grinding noise or something that does not sound right for a machine. You need to examine your printer immediately to avoid further damage. Another possibility includes that the printer will prevent users from attending printing or scanning the documents.

For these error codes, there are no such things as permanent solutions. But you can try basic solutions to protect your printer from getting tangled in error codes. It means you need to maintain and clean your printer from the inside whenever you can find the right time to perform it. If you are struggling with a busy work schedule, you are left with contacting the tech expert for service and maintenance. Here, in this blog, we will find the causes behind the error code 1486 and solutions to fix the problem.

Why does my Canon printer keep showing the error code 1486?

Before you jump directly into resolving the problem, you must verify why your printer is struggling from the inside. If you want to apply an accurate solution, you need to find out what are the main reasons behind the error code. In case you choose to randomly apply the cure, then it can lead your printer to an unknown disaster. And you may end up paying a fortune for repairing or even end up buying a new printer. So, it is wise to be careful while opting for the resolving method. Now we need to know what error code 1486 or “check ink” indicates in the printer. Here, the issue symbolizes the cartridge issue generated in the printer. It means your printer is struggling to detect one or more cartridges, which is probably caused due to the incorrect installation of the cartridges.

However, one thing is clear that the issue can be fixed without any complications, and all you need is a few proper instructions. To resolve the error code 1486 some of the things should be kept in mind when you are working on a printer regularly. For instance, the slots given in the printer contain an excessive similarity. You will see that the Canon Fine cartridges also consist of a similar look in the printer. Even though the printer contains similar slots, it requires one color and one black cartridge that you need to install in the slots. The fact that you only need one of them does not matter to the printer and printing process.

Now we have to step ahead to the tips that can help us remove the error code from your printer. You need to be careful and gentle through each step and apply it according to the suggestions. You must not rush the process, as your printer cannot be ready and up for the printing process within seconds. So, let’s see what the process is to break the mystery.

Resolving error code “Check Ink” or 1486 in the Canon printer

In order to fix the Canon printer error message that keeps appearing constantly, you have to follow these steps.

Step 1: Removal of the Cartridges

In case the luck is on your side or your printer is able to detect the issue, then your printer software will display that particular cartridge that has been quite a nuisance for you. And in case the printer does not reveal that particular cartridge, which is creating the issue, you have to remove both the cartridges from the printer carefully. Now you need to handle both cartridges to fix the error code. 


Step 2: Examine the Cartridge Codes

In this step, you have to examine the codes that are designed on the labels of the cartridges. It is necessary to ensure that the printer includes one of each, which indicates one color and one black cartridge. In case you are having problems understanding or recognizing the particular label like which one is blocked or which one is color or if you have no idea which cartridge is suitable for your printer. Then you have to take the help of Google and verify the model number, and you can also check the manual.

You can also check in with the print heads designed under the cartridges to identify the label of each cartridge. You will see that the black one contains a single and long line, and the color print head contains three separate lines in the central metallic plate.

Step 3: Reinstall the Ink Cartridge

After you remove both of the problematic cartridges, it is best to clean them thoroughly. Once you have examined it and made sure that they are the correct one, reinstall it back into their slots gently. And remember to not rush the process, as the error code may display again in your printer. You also need to check closely to find any kind of markings displaying on the cartridge or on the body of the printer, which will ensure that they are correctly installed in their position or not.

Now you can see that your printer can identify both cartridges, and the error message has disappeared from the printer.

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