Working Capital Loan And Its Types:

Article about Working Capital Loan And Its Types:

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Sep 22, 2021

A working capital loan is a type of funding that helps businesses manage their day-to-day working capital expenses. When you are a company owner who wants to fulfil their short term needs, then a working capital loan is their best choice. Working capital is the central aspect of any business's success. 

You can calculate the working capital for businesses by subtracting the current assets and the current expenses. The value that you get with the calculation should always be positive, as it indicates growth in business. But when the cost is negative, the company doesn’t have the working capital it needs for its success. 

Here are the different working capital types that you should understand before applying:

Short Term Loans:

The short terms are standard loans with a shorter tenure, fixed repayment option and interest rate. It can either be a secured or unsecured loan, that you can choose as per your requirement. You can fulfil any of your business requirements that need short term focus with the help of a short term loan. Depending upon your credit history, the interest rate and requirement of collateral will vary.

Credit Line / Bank Overdraft Facility:

Credit line or Bank Overdraft Facility is the most chosen type of working capital loan that small and large businesses choose. For making business payments, the financial provider will provide funds to the companies. Also, in the method, the financial provider will give a certain amount as a limit that the business cannot cross when withdrawing.

Only for the amount you used, the financial provider will calculate the interest rate for this working capital type. It is a good thing as it can save some of the money for you. Also, it provides options for encouraging you to pay the amount whenever possible to save more on interest rates. It is one of the precious working capital loan types. 

Trade Credit:

When you have current or potential suppliers for your business, then a trade credit based working capital loan can help you. Your higher credit score is vital for this loan type, and it will quickly reflect in your liquidity state, payment record and profit records. As like other working capital types, trade credit also comes with individual specifications and costs that you have to fulfil. We will also evaluate the supplier from whom you are doing your trading for their credit history before confirming the loan.

Account Receivables:

When you have confirmed account receivables or sales orders you can choose account receivables working capital loan. Mainly when your company lacks funds to complete the sales order, this can be the best option for you. But only when your company has a good reputation and credit history, you can get this debt on time.

Equity Funding:

Equity Funding is the most resourceful working capital loan type. You can obtain the equity funding loans from friends, family or home equity loans. Home equity or Equity funding is the rare loan that will entrust you with a loan, and that will make it relaxed for you to apply. When you are a start-up or unestablished company with no or low credit score, then this loan type will best suit you.

Invoice Factoring:

Invoice Factoring is a working capital type where the business sells the account payables to a third party at a lower value than the original one. The factor in the loan type is the third party that provides funding services to the business. The third party or the element will provide funds for purchasing bills and then collects the amount from debtors.

Letter Of Credit:

Your buyer can get the Credit Letter from your financial provider to suffice the funds that you should pay them. On receiving the letter, the buyer will send it to the seller. Once upon agreeing, the financial provider will pay the seller the funds that the order requires. You can then pay back to the buyer at the estimated time.

Bill Discounting:

When you are a small business owner, then another suitable working capital loan that you can get is a bill discounting. Any business will generate an invoice while selling their product or services to their customers. The bill will be retained as a receipt for the transaction that happened between you and your customer. 

When the seller needs cash, then he will go to the finance provider with the bill and apply for an invoice discounting option on the whole amount. Depending upon the existing loans that you have and the interest rate, you will be repaying the outstanding amount to the seller. The financial provider will then get the money from you on the maturity of the bill.

Bank Guarantee:

Bank Guarantee is a unique working capital loan type that doesn’t deal with funds. For decreasing the risk of loss to another party because of the non-performance of the undertaken project, you can use a bank guarantee. With a bank guarantee, you can pay back the money or offer services to your customers without any financial worry. When the other party shows non-performance, then a holder can repeal the bank guarantee. But with this working capital type, the bank will charge you towards commission and also might seek for collateral to offer support.

Working capital loans are loans for supporting small businesses for funding their daily operations or maintaining cash flow. When compared to another loan type, a working capital loan will have a shorter duration. When your business is facing challenging times, then getting a working capital loan is the best thing that can help you in maintaining the cash flow. 

With the different working capital types, you now have an idea on how to maintain the cash flow of your business and expand it. Only with a clear understanding and concise anyone can succeed in their business and working capital is the lifeline of a business. So always make necessary funding choices to get your working capital loan smooth on the long business run that you will face as you grow.

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