Writing a Persuasive Copy: How To Succeed

Article about Writing a Persuasive Copy: How To Succeed

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May 18, 2021

All businesses want to increase their revenue and conversion rates, but the competition is tough and it constantly grows. Therefore, you need to consider many factors and understand that conversion optimization is a complex ongoing process, and one of its crucial aspects is copywriting. In turn, the success of copywriting depends on how well you know the needs of your target audience and your ability to communicate the right message.

Copy that properly addresses the needs of the target audience has always been selling better. Another distinctive feature of successful copy is that it’s action-oriented. Your copy should persuade your readers to take action. The closer your readers are to the point of conversion, the more important your persuasion is. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at persuasive copywriting and consider some tips that will help you make your copy more successful.

What Persuasive Copywriting Is

The main difference between copywriting and content writing is that a copy of any kind always has the same purpose: it should promote or sell a product or service. The way you deliver your message determines whether or not your readers will want to take action. Besides, your copy gives you an opportunity to build a good brand image. Your website copy can not only describe how your products or services can help people achieve their goals but also explain what your brand stands for.

To create a successful copy, you should pay attention to many details. It’s not enough to detect the right pain points and to explain the advantages of your solution. For instance, you must put a lot of effort into writing compelling headlines. 80% of people only read headlines, and if your headline is bad, you shouldn’t expect the audience to read the rest of the content. Here are some tips that will help you make your copy more persuasive and therefore, more successful.

Top 5 Tips for Writing a Successful Copy

1.Make it emotional

To persuade your readers that your product or service is the right solution, you must use facts and logic. However, appealing to your readers’ logic is not enough if you want them to make a purchasing decision. People are emotional beings so we recommend that you don’t make your copy too dry. When addressing your readers’ pain points, you can use their frustration and their hope for a solution.

Another strong emotion is fear. You can trigger your potential customers’ fear of missing out (FOMO). This way, you will not only make them want your product but also persuade them that they really need it, and they need it now. It’s also important not to overuse emotional phrases. This is a very tricky issue that requires some writing experience so you may delegate writing to professionals. For instance, essay writing services often work with not only students but also business clients. You can check out custom writing services reviews and hire talented copywriters from the top 10 essay writing services.

2.Describe the benefits, not features

Sometimes, the difference between your features and benefits may seem a little blurry. However, the main difference is that benefits are more convincing. It’s great if your products and services have some interesting features. However, people are interested not in features but rather in the way they can benefit from these features. In other words, features simply describe your products or services, while benefits give your audience reasons to buy.

3.Give your readers reasons to take action

To persuade your readers to do what you want, you should give them some solid reasons. Why should they buy from you? Why should they choose you, not your competitors? Strong reasoning is all about communicating benefits and evoking the right emotions. Therefore, we suggest that you stick with a balanced approach, thinking of what feelings and benefits are most likely to convert your readers.

4.Get to the point

Make your copy straightforward and get to the point as early as possible. An average internet user only reads 20% of content on web pages. Therefore, you should convey your message efficiently, making sure that your audience will immediately understand what your copy is about and what they should do. Stick with simple language and don’t force your readers to dig through overcomplicated long sentences and specific terms.

Your copy should be easy to read so the best solution is to use short sentences and paragraphs. This way, your copy will be easy to understand, and without it, you won’t be able to make it persuasive. Make sure that even people who are not familiar with the specifics of your niche will get the overall message with no need to leave your page looking for explanations and details on Google.

5.Don’t be too focused on yourself

Effective copy is customer-focused. You may feel tempted to write a copy about how great your brand is but you should also understand that there are many competitors, each of which is also unique and special. Your potential customers are not interested in your brand. They’re reading your copy because they need to solve their problems and fulfill their needs. Therefore, your copy should revolve around your readers’ needs.

To make sure that your copy is customer-focused, pay attention to your wording. Read your draft and look for such words and phrases as “we,” “our company,” “our team,” etc. Rewrite sentences with these words so that you can use “you” instead. You may reinforce your brand image by telling readers about your mission and motivations, but most of your copy should be dedicated to what you can do for your customers.

Final Thoughts

We hope that our tips will help you create an effective copy that will bring more conversions and boost your revenue. Copywriters can use different techniques, but the most important thing is to research your audience and know its needs and interests. Your copy should be well-targeted, and your message should resonate with your target audience. Besides, make sure that your readers understand exactly what they should do to solve their problem and why your brand offers the best solution.

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