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Jul 6, 2021

The quality of the natural foods that we eat is largely responsible for the quality of our daily life. Yosef Rozsansky indicates that your body needs food and exercise to function properly because it works as fuel, therefore the quality of food is important, especially if you want to obtain optimal results. According to Yosef Rozsansky, when it comes to nutrition and diet, many people are largely concerned with meal planning. Endless calorie counting, macronutrient counting, carbohydrate cycling, avoiding sugar, etc. takes quite a bit of work. Not to mention knowing how to eat and when, what is the best time of day to eat protein, intermittent fasting recommended or not, etc. Yosef Rozsansky claims that with all the time and effort that goes into nutrition, one very important thing is overlooked: the quality of the food.

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Published: Jul 6, 2021