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Article about how to built crypto exchange website with customization option

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Nov 13, 2021

Whitelabel crypto exchange software is a readymade, feature riched software to launch a real-time customizable cryptocurrency exchange website. 

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to build your cryptocurrency exchange from scratch. It involves a lot of coding techniques and protocols etc. 

Osiz is a leading white label crypto-exchange software development company that builds cryptocurrency exchange websites with white label solutions.

Why choose white label crypto exchange software?

1. Cost-effective

A White label crypto exchange software will be affordable compared to built from scratch.

2. Time-Saving 

We provide the quickest turnaround time in the crypto market through white label solutions you can save more time.

3. Customizable

In our white-label exchange software, you can customize the platform or modified as per your wish.

4. Scalable

Our White label crypto exchange software is built to be easily scalable to meet your business needs.

Features in White Label Crypto Exchange Platform

1. Speed Match Engine

2. KYC/AML Verifications

3. Attractive UI/UX

4. Firewall enabled Security 

5. Affiliate programs

6. Trade Pairs management

7. Dynamic Token Adding Tool

8. Monitor dispute management

The benefit of choosing white label bitcoin exchange software

1. High ROI in a short period of time 

2. Lighting quick deployment 

3. Novice Friendly

4. Highly automated

5. Business-oriented approach

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