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Article about how to create your own crypto exchange like localbitcoins

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Jul 28, 2021

Osiz technologies - is the leading industry in cryptocurrency exchange development company that provides trustworthy localbitcoins clone script to start a p2p cryptocurrency exchange website like localbitcoins. 

In this article, I am going to explain what is localbitcoins clone script and business benefits, White label localbitcoins clone script, etc.

What is the localbitcoins clone script?

Localbitcoins clone script is a multi-tested cryptocurrency exchange script it works similar to the localbitcoins exchange. Osiz localbitcoins clone script is a 100% replica of localbitcoins from its latest upgrade it holds all essential features and functionalities.

Features of our localbitcoins clone script

1. Online / Offline bitcoin trading 
2. Multi-Currency Support 
3. Advertisment Management
4. Multi-Language support 
5. Super Fast Trade Matching engine
6. Live Cryptocurrency live price
7. Integration escrow wallet 
8. Resoling dispute
9. Over the Counter trading ( otc )
10. Integrated ChatBot 

Special premium features in our localbitcoins clone software

1. Cryptocurrency staking 
2. Futures Trading 
3. Wholesale Trade
4. Token Listing 
5. Bug Bounty Program

Security features in our local bitcoin clone script 

1. Two-factor authentication
2. Email verifications
3. HTTP Authentication
4. Jail Login 
5. Asymmetric Encryption Method
6. Content Security Policy
7. Secure Wallet Store

What is the Whitelabel localbitcoins clone script?

A whitelabel localbitcoins clone script is a unique one used to improve branding and customization done by the exchange owner itself.

Business Benefits of using our localbitcoins clone script 

1. Using our localbitcoins clone script time saving is the main concept even developing a new website like localbitcoins.

2. It reduces the cost of developing a crypto exchange like localbitcoins.

3. Being a p2p bitcoin platform, it allows you to make trading directly with another person without the involvement of admin or third parties.

4. LocalBitcoins clone script consists of a special API that lets you make your own automated trading applications.

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