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Jul 20, 2021

LocalBitcoins Clone Scriptis a cryptocurrency exchange website that is programmed in high-level programming languages like Java, PHP, Python to build a website similar to localbitcoins.

Why start a P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform like Local bitcoins?

LocalBitcoins allows the trading of new cryptocurrency in online and offline manner. People from any part of the world can start trading on this platform. The platform has 4,000 new user sign up everyday and escrow services that protect both parties in transactions.It shows the reputation system for screening buyers and sellers

Why Choose Osiz Technologies For LocalBitcoins Clone Script?

Osiz technologies - A Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company, provides the 100% bug free Localbitcoins Clone Script to launch a robust crypto exchange platform like Localbitcoins.


Inbuilt Features in Localbitcoins clone script 

  1. Online and Offline trading platform

  2. Quick Buy and Sell

  3. Token Listing 

  4. Secure escrow wallet

  5. Resolving dispute

  6. OTC Trading

  7. Ads management 

  8. Affiliates program 

  9. Integrated chat bot 

  10. Cryptocurrency Staking

Security features in our localbitcoins clone software 

  1. Two factor authentications 

  2. Email & SMS verification

  3. Multi-signature wallet

  4. HTTPS authentications

  5. Login guard system

  6. SQL injection prevention

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