looking to start a token generator platform like cointool app

Article about looking to start a token generator platform like cointool app

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Sep 13, 2021

Cointool App Clone Script is a Token Generator platform script to build a smart contract BEP20 and ERC20 Token generator platform like cointool.

How to create your own BEP20 Token easily in the Cointool app clone.

1. Install Wallet - To pay for contract deployment, you must have a MetaMask wallet or another wallet like a trust wallet, token pocket, etc loaded with an amount of BNB.

2. Token Details - Fill out the form with your chosen Token name and symbol, decimal precision, Initial Supply, Total Supply.

3. Burn - This option defines whether or not your tokens can be burned to decrease the supply.

4. Mint - Minting refers to the ability to produce more tokens to increase the initial supply.

5. Pause - The pause option defines whether your token and any services can be paused and restarted at any time. In the case of a software flaw or a malicious attack, this pause mode can be used. 

6. Blacklist - It applies to accounts that can be blacklisted if it's any malicious behavior happened. Based on the use case, it may be superior to disable this ability for specific tokens. 

7. Deflation Token - With burn, charity, and automatically distributed assignment of holders, you may create tokens.

8. Create Token - Use a metamask wallet to authenticate your transaction. Your Token will be ready to use later it has been deployed.

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