what is a healthy substitute for eggs

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Aug 16, 2021

Eggs are very nutritious and inexpensive food, an excellent source of protein (6.3g in one egg) and fat (5.3g in one egg).

They also contain plenty of vitamins and minerals:

·         vitamin A → a fat soluble vitamin, necessary for night vision and the skin

·         vitamin D → a fat soluble vitamin, needed for absorption of calcium in our bones and teeth

·         vitamin E → a fat soluble vitamin, an important antioxidant, necessary for healing of the skin

·         vitamin B12 → a water soluble vitamin, necessary to create red blood cells, lack of vit B12 can damage the nervous system

·         folic acid → a mineral which protects babies in the womb and prevents from heart attacks

·         potassium → a mineral helping our blood pressure not to spike too much

·         iron → a mineral necessary for our blood to carry the oxygen around the body

Eggs are not so easy to substitute and you will probably need to use more than one product to fill all the gaps in the nutritional properties. I recommend talking to your nutritionist if you want to exclude eggs from your diet for good.

Healthy egg substitutes:

1. Nuts → nuts provide lots of protein and fats, similarly to eggs, and are very convenient to use in salads and as a separate snack.

2. Fatty fish → salmon, mackerel, anchovies and sardines are also packed with proteins and healthy fats (necessary for the brain development). They also contain vit B12 and vit D.

Anchovies are a great addition to pasta dishes. Mackerel and salmon pateés are great choice for a snack with the slice of good quality bread.

3. Chia seeds → an excellent healthy fat and protein provider. A good source of of calcium, iron and Omega-3.

Very easy to prepare as you just need to whisk together 1 tbsp of chia seeds with water. Great thickener, can absorb up to 10 times of their own weight in 1/3 cap of water, can be used in vegan baking recipes. Chia seeds are high in calories, one tablespoon contains 58 calories.

4. Silken tofu → another great provider of healthy fats and proteins as well as calcium.

Can be used blended to create a version of scrambled eggs or in the vegan baking dishes. An 1/4 of a cup of silken tofu can be used as a substitute of 1 egg delivering 38 calories.

5. Banana → a great potassium and vit B6 provider.

Although bananas are mostly carbs and they do not provide much of proteins and fats they can be used in vegan baking recipes due to their consistency. Half of banana can be used instead of 1 egg and it has ~50 calories.

6. Arrowroot powder → arrowroot is a starchy vegetable that contains a decent amount of proteins and potassium. It is a great substitute of corn starch as when mixed with water is a great sauce thickener and it creates a similar consistency to an egg white. Can be used in vegan baking recipes.

7. Aquafaba → it is the liquid left from cooking legumes. Aquafaba is poor in nutrition properties, however it has a great egg substitute for people trying to cut their caloric intake as 3 tablespoons contain only 8 calories. It has similar consistency to an egg white.

8. Soy lecithin → a by-product of soy bean.

Eggs naturally contain lecithin, which is used by the body to break bigger fat globules into smaller ones and produce an energy. It is a good idea to use soy lecithin granules when substituting eggs.

9. Greek yoghurt → packed with proteins and fats, a great source of calcium.

Can be add to baking recipes and successfully be swapped in muffin, cake and cupcakes recipes.

10. Flaxseeds → high fat and protein content, plenty of potassium, magnesium, calcium and vit B6. Similarly to chia seeds, they can be mixed with water to create the right consistency. 1tbsp contains 37 calories.

1.       If you have studied the above substitutes by heart then you probably found that it is not easy to find a vegan egg replacements that can also deliver vitamin A and vitamin B12.

Vitamin A can be found in sweet potatoes, carrots, squashes, spinach and peppers.

Vitamin B 12 is mostly found in meat and animal products (diary) so people following vegan diet may need to take a good quality vit B12 supplement.


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