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Questions Regarding the Investment/Service Classification

What is the difference inbetween "Equity" and "Private Equity" as an asset class?

What is the difference inbetween Alternative Investments and "New" Alternative Investments?

What is binary option trading?


Questions Regarding the Functioning/Users of the Platform

Is SmartMoneyMatch a Crowd-funding Platform?

Are the investors vetted to ensure that they are qualified/accredited?

Can my peers see my offers?

What are the qualification requirements (if any) that investors must adhere to in order to register for access/subscribe to your service or receive information from you regarding a fund?

What are your due diligence requirements for registration and including a manager’s products or services on the platform?

 In what jurisdictions are the investors who use your platform domiciled?


Legal and Regulatory Questions

These answers are for general guidance only. It does not constitute advice

Does an asset manager have the ability to restrict access to some or all information in respect of investors from specific jurisdictions?

Can the asset manager restrict his offers to "qualified investors", as defined in MiFID?

How does reverse solicitation work?

To whom can I make what information available in:

  • Switzerland



Technical Questions

How can I add an email to the safe sender's list?