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dia adalyn

21 hours ago

Know what is the Clubhouse clone and rock the social media world

Clubhouse has undoubtedly become the most popular audio based social media app. The invitation based social media app got more than 2 million downloads on the Google Play Store within a few days after its launch. It is also planning a general release in the coming months. 

What are the must-know facts about Clubhouse?

  • Clubhouse can be utilized for conducting - debates, events, networking sessions, open-mic stand-up comedy, panel discussions, and many more. 
  • Content creators, hosts, and podcasters can monetize - their content easily by offering access behind a paywall. Users process transactions quickly through the Stripe payment gateway.  
  • Clubhouse has various kinds of Rooms - for sharing insightful information about entertainment, finance, politics, technology, religion, sports, and much more. 
  • Users can enter and exit a Club or Room - anytime according to their convenience. 
  • A Clubhouse like audio based social media app is used - millions of brands, corporate companies, event managers, influencer marketers, journalists, sportspersons, students, venture capitalists, and working professionals. 
  • An invitation based social media app like Clubhouse also - has other features like hand raising options, a live chat facility, a music mode, search and filter option, a reporting mechanism against abusive and racist content, social media integration with Instagram and Twitter, and 24x7 technical support. 
Wrapping Up

Clubhouse will experience tremendous growth in the future. The American platform will challenge many big players like Discord, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Spotify, Reddit, Telegram, and Twitter. Entrepreneurs can become the king of the digital world by obtaining the customized Clubhouse clone from a reputed app development company. 

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dia adalyn

3 days ago

Offer a safe chatting experience for users by acquiring the Clubhouse clone script

Article about Offer a safe chatting experience for users by acquiring the Clubhouse clone script

Undoubtedly there is one app that has made a storm in the digital world. It is none other than Clubhouse, the popular audio based social media app. The invitation-based app has grown so much in recent times challenging big players like Discord, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Telegram, Twitter, and many more. 

How are people using Clubhouse?

Users are enjoying their time on Clubhouse by taking part in DJ nights, singing sessions, stand-up comedy shows, political discussions, religious talks, and many more. Clubhouse has separate rooms for various topics like cinema, cryptocurrency, meditation, music, startups, travel, spirituality, sports etc. 

Entrepreneurs looking to emerge as the next big thing in social media can hire a reputed app development company for customized Clubhouse clone app development. Tech-savvy developers create easy-to-use Android and iOS apps for artists, content creators, hosts, listeners, and podcasters.  

What are the fundamental features of the Clubhouse clone script?

People to Follow section - It contains a comprehensive list of famous CEOs, journalists, lawyers, movie directors, music composers, photographers, politicians, sportspersons, stand-up comedians, and writers. Users will receive instant alerts when these popular personalities participate in a voice chat on an app like Clubhouse. 

Upcoming audio conversations - It consists of a detailed schedule of voice chats to be held in the future. The date and time are mentioned for each audio discussion. Members of the Clubhouse clone script can choose to participate in voice-based conversations according to their interests. It covers different topics like copywriting, digital marketing, employment, leadership, psychology, and much more. 

CCPA compliant - The Clubhouse clone app follows all the guidelines of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), 2018. Hence, there is a high level of data protection and security for all users. There is no misuse in the sharing of personal information. 

Wrapping Up

Clubhouse has been a welcome addition to the fast-growing social media world. Voice conversations are taking place 24x7 similar to a live radio show on the online platform. Many celebrities and influencers are also using an audio based social media app like Clubhouse to directly connect with their fans and followers. 

Hence, aspiring entrepreneurs can make waves in the social media market. They should get the tailor-made Clubhouse clone script now from a competent app development company. 

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dia adalyn

5 days ago

Attract millions of travellers by establishing an app like Airbnb

Article about Attract millions of travellers by establishing an app like Airbnb

There is no doubt that Airbnb modernized the global travel industry after its successful entry in August 2008. There is no need for tourists and visitors to pay commission to travel agents and brokers anymore. Airbnb’s online platform shares transparent information about beach houses, cabins, cottages,  and homes available for rent across the world. 

All the properties are well-maintained by experienced hosts. Dedicated managers are available for handling the onboarding process efficiently. 

The Android app of Airbnb has more than 50 million downloads from users. Travellers booked rented properties in 94,000 cities on the Airbnb platform from April 2020 to April 2021. 

The number of customers staying in Airbnb properties for a long period (28 days or more) has increased from 14% to 24% in the first 3 months of 2021. Airbnb got 200 million searches from tourists this year for booking rented homes based on flexible dates.  

Entrepreneurs looking to change the future of accommodation and travel can get a customized Airbnb clone script made by a knowledgeable app development company. Qualified developers create user-friendly Android and iOS apps for hosts, property managers, and travellers. 

Tourists can make bookings through an advanced web dashboard. A modern admin panel helps to monitor the day-to-day business operations efficiently. 

What are the popular features in a ready-made Airbnb Clone Script?

An advanced search and filter option - Travellers can discover the best homes for accommodation on an app like Airbnb. They can find private cabins and cottages near famous beaches, mountains, and national parks. Properties are also filtered based on factors like gas or wood-burning facility and ocean view.

Acceptance of numerous payment methods - Users process transactions through various methods on an Airbnb clone app. They pay the required rent via  AIS debit card, American Express, Apple Pay, Discover, Google Pay,  Japan Credit Bureau (JCB), PayPal, Western Union and wire transfers. 

Provision of round-the-clock technical support - 24x7 technical support is available in multiple languages on an Airbnb clone script. Prompt assistance is offered to guests and visitors via email, live chat, and phone. 

Wrapping Up

Airbnb introduced lots of changes to its website last month to improve the experience for guests and travellers.  It has also simplified the rules for new hosts. The Covid-19  pandemic has integrated living with travelling and working. 

Hence, aspiring entrepreneurs can lead the thriving online travel industry by initiating Airbnb clone app development now in collaboration with a top app development company. 

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dia adalyn

8 days ago

Make a splash in the online shopping world with an AliExpress Clone Script

Article about Make a splash in the online shopping world with an AliExpress Clone Script

The whole world is talking about the grand success of E-Commerce platforms. However, AliExpress is pioneering the new concept of “Live Commerce”. It involves selling various goods to customers through engaging entertainment tools like reality TV shows. 

The Chinese company will also offer financial services to sellers in Brazil. Besides that, it will upgrade logistics efficiency to reduce delivery time. 

Entrepreneurs can emerge as a strong force in the online shopping industry by getting a customized AliExpress clone script made by a reputed app development company. It includes Android and iOS apps for customers and retailers, an admin dashboard, and a web panel. 

What are the various elements of an Ecommerce app like AliExpress?

An advanced image search option - There is no need to enter the keyword of the name of the product in an AliExpress clone app development. Customers can upload a photo from their smartphones and get the results showing their desired goods. 

Acceptance of multiple payment methods - Shoppers process transactions for their products via Alipay, credit cards, debit cards, net banking, PayPal, QIWI wallet, and Western Union. 

Buyer Protection Policy - Customers get a 100% refund within 15 or 30 working days if they receive damaged and defective goods.

Access to numerous deals - Shoppers can fully enjoy paradise on an Ecommerce app like AliExpress. They reduce their total bill easily by using multiple coupons, discounts, offers, and promo codes. 

Provision of round-the-clock support - Entrepreneurs boost their retention rate by offering 24x7 technical support services to customers. Multilingual assistance is available via email, live chat, and phone. 

Wrapping Up

The top brands in different industries like electronics, fashion, healthcare, and sports launch their new products on the AliExpress platform and get record sales quickly. Entrepreneurs can offer world-class online shopping services to customers by getting the tailormade AliExpress clone script from a leading app development company.

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