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Exhibition by Corey S Ribotsky: A Closer Look Into the Style of The Painter

Exhibition by Corey S Ribotsky: A Closer Look Into the Style of The Painter organized by Corey S Ribotsky


Corey S Ribotsky is an artist who with his paintings, demonstrates his keen observation of the natural world.

Ribotsky will hold an exhibition of his paintings in which spectators will be able to take a closer look at the style of this talented painter.

New exhibition of paintings of Corey S Ribotsky

In addition to his work in the field of nature and American life, Coreys work is also impacted by his long-standing interest in art and aesthetics. Many of his paintings feature light fixtures, making use of his creative license as an artist.

In the new exhibition of paintings at Ketchum Fine Art, you will find two works created especially for the show. One, entitled American Landscape, details the beauty of the trees and the landscape through vibrant colors and light. The other, entitled Meadow, looks at the serene beauty of a field of flowers. Both works are part of a larger body of work, which features an emphasis on light and sky.


About the Artist

How Did Corey S Ribotsky Start Painting?

In his younger years, Corey S Ribotsky worked as an engineer. In his 30s, he began to look at the world through a new lens when he returned to his native Michigan with a new wife, a baby daughter and an interest in painting. He found inspiration in the native wildlife of the region, including the red-winged blackbird, whose delicate, winged form he captured in his work.


How Does Corey Make a Living as an Artist?

As an artist, Corey S Ribotsky makes a living mainly by selling his artworks. Not only is this a very lucrative business, but it is also something that he has done very successfully. Most of his income is derived from oil paintings. Because of this, he rarely shows his work to the general public.


Are There Any Projects in the Works Right Now?

Corey S Ribotsky is currently working on a number ofprojects, including a new book and a collection of drawings. For now, he is primarily focusing on painting, but he still keeps up with other forms of art. The last project that Corey S Ribotsky worked on was his Master’s Thesis on the “Cracks and Fine Lines in Color Theory”. This is an ongoing project and Corey S Ribotsky hopes to finish it by the end of the year.



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Posted by: Corey S Ribotsky

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