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NFT Training London 5th of October London

NFT Training London 5th of October London organized by Garry Martin

WeWorks Paddington. 2 Eastbourne Terrace, Paddington, London W2 6LG

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FORT will provide training on how its Non-Fungible stable Token will provide a bridge between asset ownership (whether physical or intangible) and liquidity; achieved through the tokenization of its underlying asset. FORT will also provide details on the first standard for asset-backed ownership within the cryptocurrency market through the custodial security and logistics of any token. NFTwerks is also a White-label solution. FORT will also explain how large client can launch and operate their own brand-specific NFT ecosystem for registering and issuing NFT tokens representing physical assets such as equities, bonds, investment funds, real estate, companies, rare art, and many more assets.


Costs: n/a

Event type: Training and education

Registration information: http://sctag.ch/events/nft-london-5-10/

Event website: http://sctag.ch/events/nft-london-5-10/

Posted by: Garry Martin



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