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TBLI Better World Prize

TBLI Better World Prize organized by TBLI Group Holdings


TBLI Better World Prize

People’s Choice Award for Best ESG/Impact Measurement System

ESG and impact have become mainstream. It seems that every day there’s a new ESG reporting standard or organization. Do we need so many? Which ones are actually useful? How can we know?

TBLI are all about bringing clarity and transparency to this confused mess.

TBLI Better World Prize" will cut through the marketing and public relations noise to identify the measurement systems that ESG/Impact industry professionals believe are the most valid and useful.

Reasoning Behind Better World Prize

The world is running out of runway to address our social and environmental challenges, i.e. Climate Change, Water Stress, Food Security, and Poverty to name a few. These problems are accelerating. At the same time, there is 4.4x more wealth than GDP, according to Credit Suisse Wealth Report.  What if we mobilized that money to address our social and environmental challenges as well as achieve market rate return, if possible.

To do that we need to know if our investments will truly improve society or the environment. Present ESG and Impact Measurement doesn’t provide that insight. Present measurement is more risk focussed rather than output. 

TBLI Better World Prize was established to improve ESG and Impact analysts by highlighting the best and worst and offer true comparability. Ultimate goal speed up investment into societal and environmental restoration


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Event website: https://www.runtheworld.today/app/invitation/44459

Posted by: Robert Rubinstein

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