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The Quant Conference Digital

The Quant Conference Digital organized by The Quant Conference


The Quant Conference Digital engages the foremost thought leaders from the industry and academia to dive into the latest innovations in quant finance, foster collaboration and facilitate opportunities. Series of panel discussions and keynotes offer an in-depth exploration of the challenges and opportunities posed by a rapidly changing financial landscape. With the most recognised speakers, 1:1 networking, 1000+ attendees we will make sure that our 3-day event is going to bring value to you. Our headline speakers include: • Victor Haghani, Former Founding Partner, LTCM • Aaron Brown, Professor Courant Institute, and Former Chief Risk Officer, AQR • Gary Bergstrom, Founder of Acadian Asset Management • Michael Weinberg, Managing Director, APG • Margaret Holen, Retired Partner, Goldman Sachs and Lecturer, Princeton University Topics: • Legends of The Industry on The Role of AI in The Future of Investment Management • Risk manager versus virus • The Age of Quant: Persistent Returns or Never-Ending Arms Race? Networking Opportunities: The event offers a wealth of networking opportunities with money managers, allocators, academics and recruitment of the top talent from quantitative disciplines. 1000+ attendees, 250+ institutions and C-level executives from leading hedge funds. Our virtual platform will provide efficient filtering and AI powered matchmaking between attendees. You will see the list of attendees, get suggestions on who to connect with, and schedule virtual calls before and during the event. Morgan Stanley is a strategic partner and headline sponsor of the conference. All of the latest information on the conference is available on our website: TheQuantConference.com For sponsorship opportunities, group purchases or any other conference related questions please contact Nikita Fadeev at nikita.fadeev@thequantconference.com *If you buy more than one ticket please specify name and email of people you are buying the ticket on behalf of*


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Event website: https://thequantconference.com

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