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This page gives an overview of users of SmartMoneyMatch who are already investing with the individual and/or have performed due diligence on the any of its offered investments. The idea is to lower the effort for high quality due diligence to offer a market place. The remuneration for the people/organizations who offer due diligence insight is not through SmartMoneyMatch. The compensation for due diligence consulting is upon negotiation in-between the users who offer and receive it.

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Translation, editing and proofreading
Mindlingua Translation Services activities: Project Manager

We would like to introduce ourselves to you and inform you about the types of services, which could help your business expand internationally. Mindlingua Translation Services specializes in Translation, Transcription, Proofreading and Editing. We believe in providing exceptional results, always exceeding our customers’ expectations and building strong customer relationships by way of the quality of our service. That is why we have translators who specialize in an extensive range of services across a vast range of industries. Our translators are highly professional, and they have extensive knowledge of the terminology. We perform high quality translation and transcription to ensure that your messages are always clearly understood in the countries that your business is looking to expand. If your business needs language services, we offer very competitive prices. Please send us an email regarding the type of work that you are interested in and will we send you a quote right away. Thank you for your time and attention.

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