SmartMoneyMatch Award Programme

SmartMoneyMatch Awards recognize excellent achievements in the investment industry.

It honors outstanding people and organizations. Press coverage is provided by our local media partners.
The voting process will be done by highly recognized professionals from various fields of the investment industry to analyze the nominated people/companies from a different point of views.

The SmartMoneyMatch awards will be attributed to outstanding achievements for organizations/persons in the following categories:

  1. Award for most-outstanding Multi-Asset Class manager
  2. Award for Outstanding Equity Manager with
    1. 2.1. Best Equity Switzerland Manager
    2. 2.2. Best Equity Europe Manager
    3. 2.3. Best Equity North-America manager (US and/or Canadian equity)
    4. 2.4. Best Global Equity Manager
    5. 2.5. Best Emerging Market Equity Manager
  3. Best Fixed Income-Manager
  4. Best Real Estate Managers
    1. 4.1. Best European Real Estate Manager
    2. 4.2. Best Global Real Estate Manager
  5. Best Commodity Manager
  6. Best CTA manager
  7. Best Long/Short Equity Manager
  8. Best Secondaries House