First SwissFinTechLadies Art and Start-up Night and Donors Gala and Award

SwissFinTechLadies Gala: Art, Start-ups, and Philanthropy

On Saturday 25th November it was finally the time for the first SwissFinTechLadies Art and Start-up Night and Donors Gala. 

If you haven’t been there we can tell you that you have missed out big times. Please find below what has been going on that night.


Nothing could be missed at the SwissFinTechLadies Art and Startup Night bringing together startups, investors, and artists.  At the weekend's SFTL - SwissFinTechLadies was birthing a new ecosystem into the world of finance and technology, where art, technology, and finance converge. There was so much more to hear about fintech, cryptocurrency, and sustainable investing than what was evident in the Swiss Market up to now. Speakers and wisdom were revealed that the audience did not know before


Swiss FinTech Diversity Award in cooperation with SmartMoneyMatch


For the first time, the Diversity Award of the SFTL - SwissFinTechLadies was given out in cooperation with SmartMoneyMatch. The lucky winners were Aisot, Sustainaccount, Colivar and Trustinarts. In person, Stefan Klauser, Chiara Rinaldi, Mahnoosh Mirghaemi, and Tanja Lachhammer received the prize. 


NFTs and Utility: A Revolutionary Perspective


Sarah Schlagenhauf made an excellent keynote on the Crypto Vrenelli and its unique value proposition, It is a worldwide first innovation with a gold coin, NFT, and true utility and was sold out in the shortest time. 


Stefan Klauser, CEO of Aisot Technologies caught the audience with his expertise in AI and market analysis and brought a new dimension of finances to them.


Art, Technology, and Climate Action


Katherine Foster, Mahnoosh Mirghaemi, and Prof. Dr. Barnim G. Jeschke brought an inspiring fusion of art, technology, a female investment platform, and sustainability. They talked about closing the female investing and wealth gap,  about cybersecurity in art also talked about the effects of their business models on climate change.


Innovating for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Hubert Rhomberg and Tessy Antony de Nassau ép Floessel gave unforgettable insights into the construction industry. They showed also the pivotal role of innovation in sustainability, reinforcing the power of multifaceted leadership.


Reshaping Investment through Art Tokenization


Shirin Marquart from 360X ART brought a personal touch to art tokenization, showing how fintech transforms our approach to art investments. Her speech dovetailed nicely with the TrustinArts native certification and cybersecurity insights of the Art, Technology, and  Finance for Women panel.


Championing Financial Equality


Delia Bohren presented a focus on the gender pay gap. She showed how important it is especially for women to be empowered to achieve financial equality.


⏳ The Future of Health and Longevity


The event's look into longevity and health advancements revealed exciting prospects, integrating these themes into the financial conversation for the future and making it a new center of gravity for SwissFinTechLadies.


Championing Digital Marketing


Prof. Christian Farioli gave a remarkable speech about digital marketing for females and how it is like an Italian espresso for your business.


Meeting Leya Love


Leya Love is the Avatar created by Annika Kessel and capable of responding through ChatGTP, showcasing the limitless potential of AI in engaging ways. Annika at Cosmiq Universe AG designed her for a special mission—to spread compassion, trust, gratitude, and sustainability awareness.


BE LIGHT Now GmbH and  one of the co-founders Oliver S


Oliver presented a multi-sensory meditation using neuroscience-measurable brain waves which left the audience energised and ready to embrace the innovative vistas in finance. 


We are all so humbled and excited that this new vibrating ecosystem has been born. Stay tuned with us for the next Art and Startup Night to come