100+ Persuasive speech topics and ideas to convince your audience

Article about 100+ Persuasive speech topics and ideas to convince your audience

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Nov 22, 2021

 How do you make a convincing pitch?


 Persuasive speech can be described as a type of speech that requires you need to inform your audience on specific topics and convince them to agree with your viewpoint.


 Do you think it's simple to deliver a convincing speech? Definitely, not! The task of convincing the audience is an arduous task. To convince your audience with your speech, you need to choose an engaging topic that is backed by relevant facts, statistics, and figures. The most important thing is that your persuasive speech should keep a balance between emotion and rationality to convince the audience to believe the argument you are making. 


 You shouldn't immediately begin presenting an address without having reliable data. To deliver a convincing speech or write an effective essay, you must first have an effective persuasive topic is all you require.


 In general, there is a wide range of options for persuasive topics to choose from across a variety of categories. However, the actual strength of the persuasive message will depend on the topic you choose. If you're asked to make a persuasive presentation at the time of the topic choice phase, you should be sure to keep these tips in your head.


 Choose a topic you feel confident in and have an extensive background in.

 Do not choose popular topics as they may be dull and won't engage your audience.

 Instead of choosing popular topics, it's better to choose an area that is new and distinctive.

 The subject you pick will allow you to make arguments that are persuasive and then make your case.

 In order to convince the people you've chosen should include an array of relevant evidence, facts, or facts to back up your points of point of view.


 Themes for convincing speech ideas



 The process of selecting a persuasive speech topic is a daunting task. When writing an effective speech, you must take more time to gather an array of topics and condense your list to pinpoint a distinctive theme of your own.


 To get rid of all the problems that may be causing you trouble, Here, we've separated different categories, such as education and sports, environment art and fashion, culture health, fashion, and more. We have also listed some interesting persuasive speech topics within each category.


 Check out the following list and select the most appropriate topic that will grab the interest of your viewers.


 Topics to use in persuasive speeches on education



 Mock tests are superior to essays.

 The best approach for schools to stop bullying is for them to be non-violent.

 Virtual reality and gaming are the future of learning.

 Do all elementary schools have to be mandated in teaching a second language?

 Only the main papers must be considered to be graded.

 Academics are the sole criteria to determine individual success.

 Should students be allowed to take mobile phones to school?

 The extracurricular activities can be unproductive.

 Computer-based learning is the most effective method of learning.


 Persuasive speech topics for the arts and culture



 The importance of culture and art.

 Schools should be able to host annual art festivals.

 Modern art lacks authenticity.

 Is graffiti considered art?

 The gradual demise of old art forms.

 Should offensive words be removed from works of literature from the past?

 Do all museums in the nation have to be open to the public at no cost?

 Performative arts are essential in whole-person development.

 Museums are the last reservoir of culture and arts.

 Do all pupils have to be expected to study an instrument at high school?


 Environmental topics for persuasive speech



 Plastic is self-defeating.

 The greenhouse effect is threatening our existence as humans.

 The environmental pollution problem is a worldwide issue.

 Do you think that genetically modified foods should be sold in stores?

 Limiting the use of natural resources as well as fossil fuels.

 Humans are responsible for the degradation of our environment.

 Do plastic bags need to be prohibited from supermarkets?

 Do offshore drilling facilities need to be allowed in marine protected areas?

 What is the most effective form that is renewable?

 Can people keep exotic animals such as tigers and monkeys?


 Topics for persuasive speeches for the economy



 The definition of economics is based on some industrialists with wealth.

 Do all interns have to be compensated for doing their job?

 Are there any grounds to allow Black Friday sales to be allowed to begin the day after Thanksgiving Day?

 Economic growth slows down due to political turmoil.

 The slowdown in foreign labor is a drag on the economy.

 Do you think the federal minimum wage should be raised?

 Exports help boost economic growth.

 Free trade agreements can be bad for workers.

 Impact of Brexit impact on US economy.

 The significance of tourism for promoting locally-based economic growth.


 Ethics-related themes in persuasive speech.



 Substance abuse is one of the causes of social ills.

 Juvenile delinquency is ok.

 Guns are not allowed on campus campuses of colleges.

 Alcohol consumption that is underage could result in jail time.

 Underage driving is punishable under the law.

 Are transgender individuals allowed to join the military?

 Flag burning as a means of protest be considered illegal?

 Pageants for beauty and beauty for children must be prohibited.

 Should Prostitution be legalized?

 The death penalty must be eliminated?


 Topics to use in persuasive speeches on fashion.



 The fashion industry is an essential component of society.

 Do you think celebrity-driven fashion labels are the best?

 Clothing that is sustainable is the best way to take.

 Fashion that is eco-friendly is the future.

 How can fashion reveal the true persona?

 Jewelry is what defines your worth.

 Certain fashion brands have a negative impact on society.

 Fashion is a reflection of character.

 Pink is not a good color for men.

 The influence of fashion on teens.


 Themes in persuasive speech and health



 The effects of noise pollution on health and their detrimental effects on the health of humans.

 Do healthy people have to be required to give blood on a regular basis?

 Can minors purchase birth control products without their parents' permission?

 Euthanasia and its legalization in healthcare facilities and hospitals. Environments.

 Should classes on well-being and mental health be included in the curriculum of schools?

 Do we need universal health insurance to be free to all?

 The importance of health care provided by single payers for the US.

 Do homeopathic and other medical treatments are insured under health insurance?

 Does a plant-based lifestyle have more benefits than a meat-based one?

 What do different types of music affect your brain?

 Fast food is the main cause of obesity in children.

 How can insomnia affect general health?

 The immune system of depression is a part of the person.

 Regular exercise is beneficial for your overall health.

 Restaurants need to list all ingredients to avoid allergic reactions.


 Themes of persuasive speech in sports



 Sport can enhance learning efficiency.

 Athletes must be forced to undergo regular drug tests.

 Is it necessary to introduce swimming to every child in the school?

 Gaming consoles or violent games harming youngsters?

 Female and male athletes should be paid equally?

 Should boxing be considered illegal?

 The gender of the player shouldn't matter when it comes to sports.

 Should parents allow their children to play football?

 What are the dangers of sports cars?

 Female sports need to receive the same coverage from the media.


 Speech topics that are persuasive to travel



 Travel brings new experiences.

 Are security screenings that are thorough essential for people who travel via plane?

 Why airline tickets shouldn't be more affordable.

 Air turbulence that is too strong can cause death.

 The most efficient method of travel is to join a group that is guided.

 Tourism has destroyed historic sites.

 Ecotourism is essential to ensure sustainable growth.

 Solo travel is the ideal method to explore the world on your own.

 Tourism helps boost economic activity in the area.

 The sites that are ecologically endangered should not be open to tourism.


 Technologies for persuasive speech.



 Artificial Intelligence is the next frontier of technology. Discuss.

 Technology's impact on our lives.

 The impact of robotics on human job opportunities.

 Humans are addicted to technology.

 Social media ends face-to-face conversations.

 Internet chat rooms aren't secure.

 Are self-driving cars legal?

 Internet fraud awareness

 Do libraries have to be replaced with unlimited access to e-books?

 Printing your photos is much better than storing them on the computer.

 Is it appropriate to have screen time capped for adults?

 Technology is making us less ingenuity.

 Electronics make children uninterested.

 Do you think the internet's censorship policy is unjust?


 Topics that make for a persuasive and impressive speech



 Introverts make great public speakers.

 Religious cults can be dangerous.

 Do you think cities should be able to provide free internet access?

 The reasons to choose an income-producing job over an enjoyable job.

 Music can benefit society.

 Does any country truly have independence?

 It is important to have office celebrations.

 Do high school students need to be required to participate in community service?

 Moral imagination plays a crucial to spiritual and intellectual development.

 Verbal abuse is often more damaging than physical.


 Other popular topics for persuasive speeches



 Human development depends primarily on environmental factors.

 Globalization is a win-win.

 Hygiene is essential for professional achievement.

 Television violence should be monitored.

 Intelligence is more dependent on the environment rather than genetics.

 Sexual education should be compulsory.

 Do magazines that target teens convey the incorrect message?

 Do motorcyclists need to wear helmets?

 The dependence on foreign oil is risky.


 Final thoughts



 You should be aware of the best topics to make a persuasive speech by reading this blog article. If you're asked to deliver a persuasive speech, and you are unable to choose one of the many unique persuasive speech topics that we have mentioned earlier, or research and select any topic that is trending with thorough information.


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