3 Ways Other than SEO to Gain Good Traffic

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Oct 16, 2021

Brands and businesses may put in much time to employ search engine optimization as well as its strategies. By doing so, their websites can be provided with more traffic. Surprisingly, SEO may not be the sole way when website traffic has to be increased. V4B Digital, the digital marketing company in Delhi, believes that using platforms like YouTube can also be helpful to see better traffic on your website.

In addition to this, 2 more ways have been found for traffic generation. You can look at all of these ways below.


1. Making a Channel on YouTube

Platforms like YouTube can have billions of users who stay active. Making a channel on such a platform can mean amazing traffic without really using search engine optimization. YouTube can be useful for sharing videos. This is the key reason why making a channel on this platform can help in generating traffic.

Let us see how YouTube can be great for brands and businesses who need more traffic:


     With the availability of video sharing, people can be engaged and converted to subscribers. As they become your subscribers, the digital marketing company in Delhi says that you can see greater engagement on new videos uploaded. This engagement can be diverted to your website.

     When the traditional search is conducted, your YouTube channel can appear in the results. This too can help in gaining traffic without SEO.


2. Social Media Conversations

An unusual way of traffic generation is by engaging users in social media conversations. The people who follow your brand/business on social media can very well access your content. With creative posts, you can get the attention of the users who may initiate conversations. As they get familiar with your brand, they can access your website and read your blogs.

Other than this, you can consider the following for starting conversations:

     Create polls to make the users talk about what they prefer or want.

     Make contests on social media for boosting engagement.


3. Influencer Marketing


Observing the latest trends in digital marketing, connecting with influencers can be strategic for traffic generation. The digital marketing company in Delhi, V4B Digital considers partnering with social media influencers. These influencers can talk about or promote your brand. The followers of these influencers may trust their words and check your brand or business. Here, you will not be employing search engine optimization strategies. Even then, good growth of traffic can be observed on your website.


In Short


For seeing more traffic on your website, search engine optimization can be implemented. However, there are ways other than SEO to complete the same purpose. In this reading, we tried explaining these ways and looked at how they can bring in better traffic. After going through these ways, you may have realized that depending on SEO alone may not be required. You can consider using multiple platforms to gain traffic, see more users, as well as boost engagement in creative ways.

Articles authored by Deepanshi Garg