5 Best Math Problem Solvers

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Jun 3, 2021

Students of this generation is surmounted with such academic pressure that they cannot wait long for their teachers to solve the math problems when they meet; they need an instant answer to understand, solve and move on to the next chapter. They want a math problem solver to help with immediate solutions.

Most of these solvers are available in both web and smartphone formats. They are more than just the usual calculators; specialized with different problem-solving tools, each of these apps provides you with the solutions within seconds of pointing the screen to the math problem. Want to know what they are? Let’s find out. 


1.     Photomath


As the name says, Photomath is all about picturing your problems. Its unique math problem solving software solves your math problem the moment you post a picture of your math problem on its interface. You also get a step-by-step solution with instructions to solve it easily. You can call it your friendly word math problem solver or a genie for all your math help. The app is available for both your android and iOS smartphones.


2.     MyScript Calculator


If you are not a tech geek and always search for apps with a clean interface for your math equation solver, this is the app for you. A great spec of this app is that it immediately solves all your complicated math problems, be it in the form of an equation or otherwise. Most importantly, you get a detailed guide with the procedures to solve the math questions. The only drawback, it is available solely for android users.


3.     Mathway

An integral part of millions of students smartphones, Mathway has made its way to the peak of math problem solvers and is the solution to many student’s solve my math problem”. With its unmatched facility, you can get a step-by-step solution to all your math problems and image problem solutions like Photomath. Additional benefits, you can connect with math experts from any corner of the world and get clarification on all your math problems.


4.     WolframAlpha

It is an excellent app for all college and university students majoring or researching math. WolframAlpha is exclusively based on pure arithmetic genres like algebra, calculus, differential equation, etc. It could be one reason for its popularity worldwide. WolframAlpha is available in both android and iOS format.


To conclude, the 4 best math problem solvers mentioned above will help explain all your math problems easily. Related blog: Geometry homework answers

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