6 Major eCommerce Challenges In 2022

Article about 6 Major eCommerce Challenges In 2022

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Nov 10, 2021

The number of eCommerce businesses has exponentially increased in the recent past. There is also an increase in the number of people looking to buy from online stores. However, this increase has come with its challenges to online business as the customer likes and purchase trends keep changing. 

For you to find practical solutions to these challenges, you must first know what they are. In this article, we explain more about the six significant challenges that eCommerce businesses face in 2022. 


1. Agility Challenges 

A company has to adapt to seasonal changes, introduce advancements, and develop and deploy digital content faster to be agile. In eCommerce, businesses with agility challenges cannot scale and drive digital fulfillment seamlessly. They lack the resources needed to integrate new technologies into their existing ones and stay on top of market trends. As a result, customers move to other sites that offer better shopping experiences. 

To improve your company’s agility, you need to upload fresh content constantly that customers can access from any device. Also, try to keep up with technological changes that give an excellent shopping experience to your customers. Hiring a shopify development company  can significantly help you improve your agility. 

2. Higher Customer Expectations 

Meeting customers’ expectations is becoming increasingly challenging as the customer’s tastes and demands keep changing. Also, technology giants like eBay and Amazon provide excellent service to their customers, making it hard for small eCommerce businesses to compete with them.  

Today customers expect the eCommerce sites to offer them with: 

  • Free or cheap shipping and return 

  • Websites that are highly responsive and provide quick access to product information 

  • Excellent customer service 

  • Different payment methods such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Visa and Masterpass 

  • Personalized experience 

  • Consistency in the shopping experience in all gadgets 

Meeting these expectations is expensive and demanding for your business and can lead to significant losses unless you cover the item’s price.  

To keep the customers satisfied, keep researching their changing demands and expectations. Ensure you try to meet as many as you can to keep them coming back. 


3. Increased Data Security Risks 

Security threat is the most crucial challenge that eCommerce sites face today. As the number of online users and shoppers increases, so does the risk of cyberattacks.  

Hackers are looking for more advanced methods to attack businesses and steal confidential information, such as customer credit and debit cards. Phishing is another threat, where hackers pose as your employees to get personal information from you.  

Online payment fraud has also led to an increase in losses made by eCommerce sites. According to Juniper Research Firm, these losses will increase to $48 billion by 2023. 

To deal with these threats, you need to use HTTPS encryption and trustworthy payment processing systems. You should also get a PCI DSS accreditation and install plugins and firewall software in your computer systems. 

4. Increased Competition 

The number of eCommerce sites offering the same products or services as you are on the rise, increasing competition for customers. Ecommerce sites l that offer buyers hometown shopping experiences are becoming increasingly popular.  

Also, social shops allow customers to make purchases and access product information on social media rather than the websites. These sites offer their customers convenience and personalization of services, making them a significant threat to other online businesses.  

There is also competition from offline businesses that operate online and cross-border selling sites.  

Therefore, you need to develop innovative ways to beat the competition, keep your customers, and attract new ones. You must research your competitors thoroughly, improve personalization levels and website designs, and develop better marketing tools. 


5. Personalization Difficulties 

Customers are looking for sites that provide them with personalized services that meet their expectations. When your company cannot, they’ll go looking somewhere else. The major challenge is developing a one-on-one relationship with your customers, as the brick-and-mortar businesses do. The connections make them feel valued.  

You can overcome these challenges by using social media to interact with your customers on a personal level. Also, learn their shopping behaviors and integrate them into the services that you offer. 

6. Customer Retention 

The success of a business depends on customer loyalty and the gaining of new ones. However, keeping customers is becoming increasingly difficult because of many factors, such as 

  • Availability of a wide range of options 

  • Unpleasant shopping experiences 

  • Having lower offers and discounts than your competitors 

  • Lack of personalized services 

To retain customers, you need to develop ways to build relationships with them, engage them and make them feel they are important to you and your business. Ensure they develop an emotional bond with your business. You also need to reward loyal customers and offer favorable discounts. 



There are many challenges that an eCommerce business faces today. To be up-to-date with these changes, you need to research the market and your competitors constantly. It will help you develop the best strategies to solve the challenges.  

Also, focus on turning data into insights, inspire shoppers, and personalize your services to drive more traffic to your site.  

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