7 Most Amazing Whiskey Destinations To Go Around The US

Article about 7 Most Amazing Whiskey Destinations To Go Around The US

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Nov 22, 2021




With the immense prominence of premium liquor or American whiskey market and its embrace of craft movement and proliferation of social media, whiskeys have become mainstream in the US. But in history, American whiskey has started its life as an unaged and raw spirit with a significant attribute of the courage of colonists. But cut to the modern epoch, and they are savored by connoisseurs, tossed by barflies, sipped by grand-moms, and discovered by apparently every American in their magical age of 21. 


American whiskey has reached its maturity, and upon spending around 300 years of adolescence, it has been molded by the country's major events. As whiskey has affected the nation's revolutions, today, a whopping percentage of travelers solely visit a particular US city to experience its whiskey culture. Are you an aficionado who doesn't want to miss a chance of catching up at a vintage place in the US to experience the authenticity of whiskey culture? Well, if you are, then these seven major whiskey destinations in the US are perfect for you. 



Kentucky is an American state that breathes and lives in whiskey. Tourists may take a walk past Whiskey Row, and it's a long stretch of distilleries that includes famous names like Evan Williams, Angel's Envy, Kentucky Peerless, Jim Beam, Old Forester, and Rabbit Hole. Liquor enthusiasts will love finding suitable nectar of their choice. To quench your thirst, some whiskey bars in the state bring top-shelf choices that have something for each visitor according to their demands. You can travel an hour to go all the way to Louisville and find Maker's Mark distillery. Want to enjoy blood oath bourbonThen this is the ideal spot. 



New York 


Who's not aware of the immense popularity of Times Square in New York? Well, each New York borough comprises an outstanding quality. Distilleries run in Brooklyn, thereby awing each tourist. This place gives you the right opportunity to spot the most amazing Kings County Distillery and New York Distilling whiskey manufacturers of this city enjoy prominence 24*7 and offer the best of their spirits with the right mood and food. Planning to visit New York no sooner than later? Do so and enjoy your time in New York sipping the perfect glass of whiskey. 

Washington DC 


Washington is home to a world-class Starbucks franchise. And it would be an understatement to say that Seattle is everything about coffee and nothing much beyond. But surprisingly, the place boasts of a diverse whiskey affair that offers a sophisticated whiskey parlor. These bars provide you with handcrafted cocktails and classic neat pegs. Suppose you stroll through the Pike Place Market, grab a big bite, take your selfie, and still think something's missing? Well, a visit to the Bitters Emporium or the Canon Whiskey will serve it all. These places are the most promising whiskey destinations.