8 Solutions To Fix AOL Not Working On iPhone

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Oct 7, 2021

A subsidiary of Verizon Communications, AOL mail is a web-based emailing service, allowing its users to stary with their peers, colleagues, family members, and so on. However, AOL mail sign-up and sign-in are smooth and straightforward, but AOL mail can sometimes show errors in connecting to different email clients. If you are facing issues in using the AOL mail on iPhone or your AOL email not working, try the suggestions mentioned below. 

Simple hacks to troubleshoot AOL mail issues on iPhone 

  1. Relaunch the AOL Mail app

Close the AOL mail app and other programs and clear phone caches. Now, launch the AOL mail application and check whether it is working or not. 

  1. Update AOL Mail app

AOL keeps updating its features; thus, check for the recent update if AOL mail is not working on iPhone. Go to the apps store and update the AOL mail app. 

  1. Update your phone 

Even if you have updated your application, it will show up errors if you are trying to access it on an outdated device. Therefore, check the update of your iPhone and respond to it. now, add AOL email to iPhone. 

  1. Clear apps caches and data 

Move to the settings app of your device and navigate storage> caches and data; click on remove it if AOL email is not working on iPhone. 

  1. Reboot your iPhone 

Restarting a device is the best way to refresh it and close all the unnecessary applications working in the background. 

  1. Re-install AOL App

Long press on the AOL mail app to remove it. launch the iPhone apps store and install the application again. 

  1. Repair connectivity issues 

Check your Wi-Fi router and turn it off. Now restart it to fix the issues. Also, put your phone on flight mode for at least 30 seconds. 

  1. Check the AOL mail server

No matter what hacks to exercise to fix AOL mail not workingissues on your iPhone, it will not work if the AOL mail server is down. Wait and try after a few hours. 

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