A Roadmap To Artificial Intelligence Certifications

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Sep 10, 2021


First thing first, the AI sector consumes a large market portion due to its variable service that connects almost all the major industries such as

  • Healthcare

  • Manufacturing

  • Automotive 

  • Agriculture

  • Retail

  • Security

  • Human Resources

  • Marketing

  • Financial Services

  • Transportation and Logistics

Yes, that’s a huge widespread.

Of course, this is a lucrative opportunity for the certified AI professional.

This article will help you with AI certifications and a future roadmap for your lucrative career path ahead.

Certifications are the best start for the career path in AI.

It is an assisting tool that enhances your technical as well as baseline skills. Also,ai certificationhelps you land up onto your money game of 20% hike compared to noncertified professionals.

Let us move further and understand the certification exams, course syllabus, AI skillsets, and how JanBask Training fits in for your successful career strategy!

This article would further guide you with AI certifications!

AI certifications

As we know ai certification is not a small fish and to grab the best opportunity in the artificial intelligence employment market, ai certification must be your next bait.

Here is a list of ai certifications, you must know about:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (Northwestern | Kellog School of Management)

  2. Machine Learning: Fundamentals and Algorithms (Carnegie Mellon University)

  3. Artificial Intelligence: Business Strategies and Applications (Berkeley ExecEd)

  4. AI and Machine Learning Certification (IBM – Purdue University)

  5. Applied Machine Learning Certification Program (Purdue University)

  6. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence by IBM 

Furthermore, ai certification validate your dynamic approach towards data and machine learning. But, with artificial intelligence, utilization of human intelligence is the prerequisite and for the same, you need to be an expert of patterns and systems required to design, develop and deploy AI tools for end client usage!

Certification Syllabus & AI skillsets

Of course, when you think about AI and its high-end technology of machine learning, you need a robust course syllabus to help you achieve technical and industry-oriented skillsets.

Also, as the first phase in your certifications, you should be well versed with AI fundamentals and technical skills.

Furthermore, let us dive deep into the AI certification exam course syllabus:

  • Machine Learning Fundamentals

  • Linear Regressional with variable

  • Linear Algebra Review

  • Octave Tutorials

  • Logistic Regression

  • Regularization

  • Neural Network

  • Machine Learning system design

  • Support Vector Machines

  • DImensionality Reduction

  • Anomaly detection

  • Recommendor System

  • Large Scale Machine Learning

Let us move ahead and look at the professional skillsets of an ai profession.

Here is a list:

Technical skills

  • Programming languages: R, python, java, C++

  • Algorithms and mathematics

  • COmputing efficiency

  • UNIX Tools

  • Advanced Signal Processing

  • Machine Learning Algorithm

  • Artificial Neural Networks

Baseline skills

  • Statistician Mindset for research and in-depth fundamental knowledge

  • You must have ease of operability with data

  • Datasets are distributed and need to be collected to integrate and fragment to understand the data. This requires efficient communication and a high spirit of team coordination 

  • The high role of computer orientation will help you ease out the intense computation required and contribute to your ai expertise

It is essential that you have a mix of ai fundamentals, technical and baseline skills.

For the same, it is recommended to have a three-dimensional preparation that will guide you with live online classes, regular assignments, real-time case studies along industry-specific project practice.

Do you know, JanBask Training is the perfect match to all the prerequisites for the artificial intelligence learning path.

Furthermore, industry experts and live projects help you sharpen ai skills with constant training partner support.

This will assist you with certification, interview preparation and ai troubleshoot management.

Also, JanBask conducts corporate training for industry professionals.

Let us dig deeper into the artificial intelligence training course.


AI Training Courses

At JanBask, you will have a dynamic online infrastructure along with multiple exciting features such as :

  1. Learning Management System helps the student organize course syllabus and invest more on expertise through assignment, case studies, and live projects.

  2. Furthermore, AI Master training will have instructor-led live online classes. This has a great impact on your learning process and guides you with all the information and knowledge offered by lectures

  3. Case studies and assignments develop our research skills and orient us towards time management skills that are of high value, once we step into the industry.

  4. JanBask is not only a training partner but is also involved with success stories of more than 6000+ students. This has been possible due to the three-fold model of career counseling, Resume feedback, and interview preparation.

Furthermore, the AI training course at JanBask has a comprehensive and dynamic approach lined with industry expectations.

JanBask Training facilitates a six-week training course module that will help you with major artificial intelligence topics, such as:

  • AI Intro and python

  • Machine Learning

  • Deep Learning with Tensorflow Learning

  • Deep Learning: Keras

  • Neural Networks

  • Convolutional and recurrent neural networks

  • Natural Language Processing

Also, ai online coursehas a different impact on our learning method.

Further, escalating your expectation from artificial intelligence, JanBask Training can provide you with career guidance and assist you with selecting a niche. 

Your Artificial Intelligence expertise is the currency of human intelligence. Don’t miss the bait!


In the article, certification for artificial intelligence was discussed along with the skillsets and technical expertise to become ai certified professionals

Also, the article discussed the benefits of AI for lucrative career options and the online training platform that could provide major assistance to certification exam preparation and ease out the burden of the job hunt in the artificial intelligence market.

Do you wish to resolve your queries for ai certification and career path, connect with JanBask Training

We are happy to help!

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