A Simple Guide to Developing an Audio-Only Social Media App Like Clubhouse

Article about A Simple Guide to Developing an Audio-Only Social Media App Like Clubhouse

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Aug 17, 2021

Clubhouse, a trending social audio app, has created a buzz in the social media industry. The unique concept of audio-based conversation catches the attention of a wider audience. Moreover, another predominant reason for the popularity of this app is the Covid-19 crisis. In this situation, everyone was forced to stay at home and so many people showed interest in social media apps to handle stress over many things.  

In January 2021, Clubhouse had 2 million active users and as of now, it has over 10 million active users. Notably, it is now valued at $4 billion. This indicates that it has gained popularity in a short span. Such popularity has ignited the minds of young entrepreneurs to launch a Clubhouse like app. This blog gives valuable information on the audio-only social media app development process. 

Streamlined workflow of a social audio chat app like Clubhouse

An audio-based social media app offers ample space, where the users can create a room & join it and discuss the topics, they are interested in. Now, lets look at the functionality of Clubhouse Clone, an audio chat app.

·         Users have to finish the initial sign-up process by providing the necessary details. They can use their email addresses or phone numbers. Or else, they can connect with other social media apps.

·         After that, they can view the existing rooms and join in any of the rooms of their choice. Instead, they can create their own rooms and share the invitation link with their friends who are using the app to join the room if it was a closed room.

·         Apart from the closed room, the app supports other types of rooms: Open, Social, and Club.

·         The person who created the room is the host who has entire control over the room. That is, the host can decide which participants to join the room. Along with the host, each room has moderators and speakers.

·         Once the participants enter the room, they will be on mute by default. Notably, the raising hand feature will let the participants show that they want to speak.

·         After that, they can discuss their topics. In case, if they want to exit the room, they can leave the room even without letting other participants know by enabling the Leave quietly feature.

10 key steps to consider during audio-only social media app development

  1. Market research

The first thing that you must proceed with is conducting market research. It is vital as there are many social media apps available in the market. Besides, it is better to analyze your competitors’ social media apps. That is, know what features and services they are providing in their app. This way, you can come up with unique features that will pave the way to stand apart from your rivals.

  1. Target audience

Satisfying the users’ needs is most important for any business. You can check the feedback given by the users in the competitors’ app. Also, you can survey with a certain set of questions to know the target audience’s demands and expectations. To get a better understanding of these, you have to gather detailed information, including demographics. Once done with this, determine your target audience and know their preference.

  1. Intuitive design

The appealing design plays a significant role in getting attention from a wider audience. Suppose, if the user struggles to navigate through the options, they might switch to the other apps. Keep the users in mind while designing the visual appearance of the app. Also, ensure to provide an app free from bugs, errors, and glitches.

  1. App platform

Developing and launching an audio social media app like Clubhouse on both Android & iOS will catch the attention of a broad audience. Depending on the audience you need to target, you can choose the platform. Also, decide on the budget and resource availability before you make a decision on the platform for the app launch.

  1. Feature-set

Features will make up the app’s functionality. So, make sure that the feature-set that you want to incorporate is user-friendly and ensure that these features are essentially suitable for your business model. The common features to consider for developing a voice-only social media platform like Clubhouse are as follows.

Feed - Once the users are done with the sign-up or login process, the app will display the feed section. They can see a list of rooms which will be based on their interests. If they wish, they can join the room and start a discussion.

Clubs - This feature will be the same as a Facebook group in which users can join the club, they are interested in. Notably, new users do not have the option to create clubs.

Notifications - The notification feature is the most important one to consider for any social media app. This is to increase the users engagement and to inform the users about events.

Search - This is a useful & common feature for any mobile app. In social media apps, users can search for people they know to follow and chat topics they like to converse about.

Rooms - It is the essential feature for voice-based social media apps. A room is a space where users can create/view and join to have a conversation on the topics they like.

  1. Revenue model

You can implement various popular revenue streams in your app. Some of them are in-app advertising, affiliating products, etc. For instance, Clubhouse hasn’t generated revenue yet but has implemented a Creator grant program that lets the creators earn income via the app. It is up to you to select which revenue stream to implement based on your business model.

  1. App Development Cost

The Clubhouse like app development cost will be based on your requirements. It mainly relies on various factors like the companys geolocation, feature-set integration, app’s complexity & size, app platform, technology stack, and third-party service integration. 

  1. Hire app developers or partner with a company

Once finalizing the above-mentioned parameters, it is time to hire a professional app developer team or approach a mobile app development company. Ensure to choose a suitable one for audio-only social media app development.

  1. Developing & testing the app

In the initial stage of development, you can consider developing an app with basic features and functionality. This is because the cost of developing a fully functional app may be high and a time to launch takes more time. You could consider developing a Minimum Viable Product and launch it in the market. Ensure that the app has crossed all levels of testing stages. This is to eliminate the technical issues in the app.  

  1. Marketing and launching the app

Meanwhile, by developing an app, you can promote your brand to your target audience via social media channels. Social media marketing is the simplest & effective way to draw attention from a broader audience. When everything is set, it is now time to launch a Clubhouse like an app on Android, iOS, or both.

Final note

The trend evolves with time. However, Clubhouse is a recent trend with a unique idea of audio-based social networking. Do you want to pace with the recent trend? Do you have an idea to enter the booming social media industry with a distinctive business model? Then, the audio-based social media app solution is a brilliant choice.