Complete Guide to Recover Facebook Hacked Account

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Jul 29, 2021

In this online world where there are many advantages of online platforms and social media but there are many people and bad elements in the society which use this technology for bad purposes like hacking. One of these is Facebook hacking. Was your Facebook account hacked too? Even though Facebook focuses on the security and privacy of their users yet, it is simply that your Facebook account can get hacked by some bad hackers. Do not panic if your account is hacked. 

We are here to help you to recover Facebook account. Just follow the instructions carefully. This is the only best way to recover the account like to read the notifications of all different security email that you receive from Facebook. You have to click on the links that will be provided to you in the emails that will be sent by “Facebook” or by Once, you click the link you might get options like “secure your account” or “Change account password”. For this you have to navigate the Facebook login page and an option named “Forgotten Password” will appear in front of you. You will have to enter the email address of your Hacked account or the phone number associated with your Hacked account. Then you can hit the search button on your screen. A security code to reset the password of your account will be sent to your email address or the phone number you provided. You have to fill up the Security code and then you can change the password of your account and save it from getting misused and getting hacked. 

Now, that you know how to recover Facebook account it can help you keep your account safe and secure. 

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