Coworking culture of Stockholm in 2021

Article about Coworking culture of Stockholm in 2021

Oct 6, 2021

Stockholm is a County that is located in the east-central part of Sweden. The principal city of the province is, of course, Stockholm, and other large and economically influential districts are Solna, Sollentuna, Upplands, Lidingö, etc. The county is often called an entrepreneurs’ heaven and startup incubator because it boasts multiple opportunities for running a business. They include ultra-fast Internet connection, the possibility to receive funds for the development of projects, hire talented and innovative employees, get higher education in various fields, etc. Stockholm was the first city in the county that supported the idea of coworking. So, it is not surprising that the majority of shared offices are situated in this dynamic city. Still, due to the growing demands for adjustable, flexible, and affordable workspace, coworking offices started to appear in other cities and towns of Stockholm. Nowadays, you will likely find some sophisticated shared office options in each of Stockholm’s locations(Coworking Stockholm).

Coworking space for rent in Stockholm. All details

Analyzing the market of coworking offices in Stockholm, it becomes clear that the county has enough space to meet the needs of modern tenants. Besides the traditional facilities and services, many shared office solutions in Stockholm boast some specific features. For instance, some of them offer special membership programs for startuppers; others attract tenants by proposing them fun activities(yoga, sauna, gym, etc.). In case of necessity, you can rent a desk in a kid-friendly or pet-friendly coworking office in Stockholm. Although it is true that such venues are mainly situated in the capital city. Coworking venues in Stockholm have hot and dedicated workstations for individuals and teamwork. Moreover, they are often used as meeting spots. Private booths available on-site offer tenants the possibility to work in silence if it is required. The rental fees for desks are more than affordable if to compare them with the ones you can pay for traditional venues. You can rent a workstation for approximately EUR200-450 per month, daily and hourly solutions are also available.

Top startups in the region

The tech scene is one of the most booming in the region. Thus Stockholm is an ideal location for the establishment and development of startups relating to this sphere. Hundreds of different projects are annually implemented in the local economic structure. They mainly touch the fields of social and digital media, e-commerce, gaming, transportation, file sharing, and other customer services. Initiatives and tech-savvies are attracted to the region by favorable conditions it offers to business starters.

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