Cryptocurrencies Guide - A Complete Knowhow to Get Started

Article about Cryptocurrencies Guide - A Complete Knowhow to Get Started

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Aug 6, 2021

A lot of discussions has been going on cryptocurrencies for last decades. Its popularity had raised exponentially in 2016-19. And these days, millions of people are involved in it with the investments of billions of dollars. If you are a beginner and does not know anything about cryptocurrencies. If you are wondering, either to be a part of it or not? You have come to the right place. This article will aim to elaborate everything under the sun regarding cryptocurrencies guide. After reading this article you will have a sound knowledge of:

  • What are cryptocurrencies?
  • How they work?
  • Working of blockchain system
  • Which are the famous crypto currencies?
  • How can you get started with the cryptos?

What Are Cryptocurrencies?

Like other currencies, it is also a currency, whose purpose is to provide means of exchange. But the basic difference is, it is digital currency also called virtual currency. You have a digital wallet in it, where you can save your money and spend it where you want. Wallet is operated by the confidential credentials. Cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more attention because they have many benefits over traditional banks. You do not have to carry money from one place to another. Cryptocurrencies cannot be spent twice. Moreover, for traditional banks you need to provide them your personal data to open an account there but in cryptocurrencies it is not necessary. This Cryptocurrency guide will tell you how can you be the part of this game.

How Cryptocurrencies Work?

Cryptocurrencies work on the basis of system known as blockchain. Every cryptocurrency has its own blockchain system but the basic functionalities are the same. Blockchain is public ledger which holds all the records of the transactions done by the users. This blockchain system is the reason of the popularity of the cryptocurrencies. This system links many computers with each other and allows them to share data. There are different definitions of blockchain system. In simple words it is public register and people can reach it simply and easily. There are two type of keys that are used in its private key and public key. It is a data base that is divided into bits. A copy of all the data base remains saved in every computer using blockchain technology. Many books have been written to understand it but precise cryptocurrencies guide is best way to understand.

Working of Blockchain:

The record in the bits is known as block. Every block in the blockchain system has its own unique identity. Whenever a transaction occurs, a block is made and that block is visible to every computer linked to the network and all other computers save this transaction automatically. Now if someone deletes the transaction after making it, the other computers will falsify the transactions. In this manner to make any fake or false transaction, it is necessary that it should be done from at least 51% of the users available on the network. And because millions of users use this technology, it is impossible that they agree on some specific transaction to make it fake. Cryptocurrencies guide is a comprehensive tool to understand this in just a few minutes.

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies Of The World:

According to a dissertation help firm, when it comes to the top cryptocurrency, you will always listen a name Bitcoin. Bitcoin has no parallel in its race. Having current market capitalization of 630 billion, it has a current value of 31859 US dollars. Next in the rank is Ethereum who has 250 billion current market capitalization with 1880 US dollars as current value. All other cryptocurrencies are not up to this mark. If we rank according to the current market capitalization, then Tether, Binance coin, and Cardano come at third, fourth and fifth place. With market capitalization of 62, 48, and 43 billion US dollars respectively. Bitcoin is favorite because it came with the blockchain technology. Which is secure and easy as explained above in this cryptocurrencies guide. Ethereum is the oldest cryptocurrency that is why, it is somehow competent of bitcoin but the difference is obvious from the figures.

Cryptocurrencies Guide To Get Started:

Here is the cryptocurrencies guide for beginners. You just have to follow few easy steps to become part of this global game. You can take part in mining the cryptos also. But actual benefit can be gain through trading these currencies. Here are the simple and easy steps.

Get a Secure ID:

As per recommendations of cryptocurrencies guide, first thing you need is a secure email id. Get a secure email and password that is not shared with anyone. We recommend you to make a new and separate one for this purpose. It is better if you save the credentials on some external source too. Like on encrypted flash drive or any other encrypted storage.

Sign Up for Digital Wallet:

There are many companies providing digital wallet for the crypto exchange. Get a suitable wallet as per your choice. Credentials of this wallet is your asset. Once you lost or shared it with someone, you are done with your money. All the cryptocurrencies are saved in this wallet. You can check all the details of your transactions any time. You will use this wallet for all kind of trades.

Verify Your Wallet With Bank:

Digital wallets have to be verified from the banks to prove the credibility of the wallet. Connect you debit or credit cards with the wallet to purchase the cryptocurrencies. You will accountable for any kind of loses in the crypto trade. Usually, banks don’t take any kind of responsibility in this regard.

Link Your Wallet With An Exchange:

This is the last step in the cryptocurrencies guide for the beginners. Link your wallet through an exchange. Cryptocurrencies exchanges are the places where you can buy or sell your currencies. The famous exchange is Once you get connected with an exchange, you are free to buy and sell the cryptocurrencies.


This is an easy cryptocurrencies guide for the beginners. We have explained the basic terms you need to know to get started with cryptocurrencies. By following these easy steps, you can proceed with the benefits of cryptocurrency.

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