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Aug 6, 2021

Bitdeal is Leading Blockchain  Development Company in India, providing blockchain development services and solutions to both startups and enterprises. Bitdeal leads the crypto world with innovation in Crypto exchange development and solutions. Bitdeal provides instant solutions to build Cryptocurrency exchange development using Cryptocurrency Exchange Script. Using cryptocurrency exchange Script You can build Top exchange like binance. Bitdeal also provides Top crypto exchanges clone script. Now, let us look at Bitdeal’s Cryptocurrency Exchange Development  Services and Features.

Bitdeal’s Crypto Exchanges Development Services :

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Decentralized Exchange Development

Hybrid Crypto Exchange Development 

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development 

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development is the first innovation in the blockchain industry to trade cryptocurrencies. Is a ready-made solution and licence free  cryptocurrency exchange software that can deploy complete cryptocurrency exchange with risk free trading features.

Bitdeal’s Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Features:

  • Advanced Order Types and Order Matching Engine

  • 500+ Multi Cryptocurrencies Support

  • Smart Contract

  • ERC-20 Ethereum Tokens and TRX Tokens Support

  • IEO / Launchpad

  • OTC Trading

  • Multi-Lingual

  • DEX / Decentralized Trading Support

  • Cryptocurrency Options and Futures Trading

  • P2P Trading

Benefits Of White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

  • Low Development Cost

  • Zero Requirement of Technical Expertise

  • Reduced Time to Build

  • Quick Brand Reputation

  • Easy Customization

  • High ROI

Bitdeal’s Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Features

  • Crypto Staking

  • Advanced CMS

  • Integrated Wallet

  • AML Integration / KYC

  • Multiple Currency Pairing

  • Cryptocurrency Price Ticker API

P2p Cryptocurrency Exchange Development:

The exchange of assets (cryptocurrencies)  or information between parties without an intermediator. P2P is based on a decentralized approach. This approach has been used in trading cryptocurrencies.

The Traditional Cryptocurrency Exchanges serve as intermediaries between their  traders (Customers) and make a profit by Trading fees. 

What Bitdeal Provides :

Bitdeal is a P2P Crypto exchange development company providing some unique features 

  • Smart Contracts Powered Bitcoin Escrow Script

  • Decentralized Bitcoin Escrow Script

Bitdeal’s P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Script features :

  • Master Escrow Wallet

  • Multi Currency Wallet

  • Trade Through Ads

  • Dispute Management

  • Proximity Match

  • Private Messaging

Decentralized Exchange Development

Decentralized Exchange Works on Different Approaches. The Transactions are complete without an intermediator. DEX supports only Crypto - Crypto Trading.  In Decentralized exchange everything is based on Smart Contract.   

 What Bitdeal Provides:

  • Decentralized Exchange Script

  • Decentralized Exchange Software

  • Decentralized Exchange Application

  • DeFi-Based Dex

  • Smart Contract Development

  • Crypto Wallet Development

Bitdeal’s Decentralized Exchange Script Features :

Multiple Crypto Pairing

Hardware Wallets Integration

Quick and Safe

Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange :

Hybrid exchange is a combination of both Centralized and Decentralized Exchange. It mainly focuses on the Liquidity of Centralized Exchange, as well as the functionality and security of Decentralized Exchange Platforms.

Pros of Hybrid Exchanges:

  •   Users can trade both centralized and decentralized exchange platform

  •   Provide Real Time Service Access

  •   Incorporates solutions based on blockchain technology

Bitdeal provides all kinds of cryptocurrency exchanges development services and solutions to both start up and enterprises. If you want to build a cryptocurrency exchange like binance or any other exchanges, bitdeal provides solutions for all your needs. 

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It is not a simple task to start a cryptocurrency exchange, you'll be needing a set of Excellent Blockchain developers from a leading Crypto exchange development company

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