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Jun 29, 2021

Right now the big question in the entrepreneurial ecosystem has to do with market niches and if there is still room for innovation and the development of new services and products. Well, Firoz Patel claims that all entrepreneurs can be calm because there is.

Why do we work in Fintechs?

For example, one of the latest trends in the search for these markets has brought with it the birth of fintech. Roughly speaking, it would be explained as the development of financial services based on technological innovation.

Firoz Patel claims that, as there are no longer academic or formal rigors to define a large part of business development, especially the one most linked to startups, to have a more accurate definition of what fintech is and what its impact will be within the entrepreneurial gear Lets go to the root first.

Fintech would be the sum of financial and technology. With this etymological base of little rigor, financial practices that have an extreme dependence on technology would have. Now, as it is a term that begins to arrive little by little, there are those who see it in one way and others, logically, in another. For example, some call fintech as ​​"technology companies that offer financial services outside of the large traditional companies."

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Published: Jun 29, 2021

Published: Jun 29, 2021

Published: Jun 29, 2021