Government Web Design: All You Need To Know How to Design the Best Government Website

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Oct 25, 2021

A decade ago government websites were simply meant to feature visuals and designs, with an intention of branding itself. However, today, they are more than that! They are a landing place, where users can access more than just government information. Government website designs encompass all the areas including government policies, information of their officials, values, and ethics, history, etc. The internet revolution has shifted the citizens from calling or visiting governmental organizations towards accessing online resources for services & information. So why should a government consider maintaining a user-friendly website? 

Here are some features your government website design must have in order to help the users:

a. Quick Assistance

Today’s busy and the fast-moving public doesn't appreciate being held over the phone for a long time for obtaining petty services like paying utility bills, applying for a license or a permit. Besides these services constituents would also prefer to access government-related information the same way, where they can view, save or screenshot it as per their convenience.
b. Mobility
Initially, the government websites were designed in a way that most of the content was displayed on pages since there were only desktop-type computers, which means people were less likely to scroll or navigate to more pages. However, the evolution of mobile phones and tablets has changed this approach and stimulated people to explore the government website and access the information and service directly they actually need.
c. Enhanced relationship between the government and public
An effective government website design enables noting the feedback or grievance of the public thus helping the leaders and officials to craft the strategies and operation more diligently. Many platforms do allow government officials to interact with the public discussing various issues. This enhances trust among the citizens about their local government and assured that their needs shall be heard and considered.

Modern Site Elements to Enhance Government Websites

The best government website design offers just more than that information. They focus on user experience just like any other small business start-up. These websites aim to offer an experience that develops a sense of confidence and trust among the users and drives them to visit the website again. 

Here we have gathered the top features or elements which can help you have a government web design which not just meets the requirements of the public in general but also helps you leave an enduring impression on them. Additionally, we have shortlisted examples of the best government web design to give a clear understanding of these elements.

1. Bold and attractive colors:A good color psychology can have behavioral effects when visiting or exploring the website, based on the content, CTAs, or links. Although it does not guarantee a positive response, it is powerful enough to elevate moods. The color scheme can be applied to elements of web design like headline type, borders, buttons, pop-ups, logos, branding, menu bar, product design, etc.
The colorful announcement boxes appearing on the homepage drive the reader to read and scroll down further. The bold orange color “quick hits” links facilitate the visitor to navigate frequently requested pages on the go.

2. Navigation landmarks:An organized and structured navigation system provides a roadmap to the visitors without feeling lost between the pages. It saves more time for the visitor to access relevant information, resulting in an increase in visit duration and a decrease in bounce rate. Here are a few tips on effective website navigation:
=> Link the logo into the home page
=> Keep it simple
=> Information three clicks away
=> A home page button on every page
=> Navigation menu accessible on all pages
With minimal design, the UK government has designed its website that allows the citizen to eliminate the process of waiting in lines or over phones for accessing information. The government website design also allows users to fill out government-related forms. The bluelinks are the main elements that lead to the major page of the website. Each blue link leads to a list of more specific links relating to the topic clicked.

3. Homepage hero:The homepage hero image is a design term used in a website homepage on top of a big banner describing the company's core, creating a first impression. It can also directs the visitors towards desired pages or government service links. Two things to watch out for while using Hero image while planning out government website designs:
=> Watch out for the quality of large images as they could take time to load on phones
=> Confirm if the image actually syncs with the overall government’s core.

4. UI/UX Design: Government Website designs should be laid out in a way that allows the user to interact with the website more efficiently. A good UX design creates a relevant experience for a user, through smart navigations and creative graphics enhancing user satisfaction. Here are a few best practices for UX design projects:
=> Focus on user experience
=>The balance between simplicity and creativity
=>Consistency to go a long way
=>Whitespace - use it generously
=>Check the page loading time
=>Visually distinctive & engaging design elements
Saveourwater is a Californian water conservation program by California water agencies. Their website stands out because the graphics and typography are less complicated and mechanical but rather more visually clean and organic. The use of organic colors and elegant designs depicts the core message of water conservation by low-maintenance native plants.

Tips: Apart from these elements there are more tips that one shouldn’t take for granted in order to craft a successful government web design. These little element idea include:

=> Chatbot: Chatbots can be used as a 24/7 virtual assistant as well as to collect feedback from citizens. 

=> Hamburger Menu: Hamburger Menu is a button on the homepage that offers a long list of the menu for navigation, saving space and allowing a mobile-friendly interface. 

=> Clear icons: Icons provide specific visual information. They should be as simple and widely accepted as possible. 

=> Mobile-friendly interface: Google itself encourages to provide a mobile-friendly website as it adds to the credibility and allows the government to connect with the user better. 

=> Online citizen engagement through social media and open government; could be beneficial as well.

Apart from these there are still numerous trends and creative options that the government can consider to make their website more effective and engaging. One just needs to identify what the government web design should be focused on keeping the user’s experience into consideration. Because ultimately it is the citizens who the government aims to serve. For a complete Government Web design consultation or services, Janbask is one spot for all website design related needs.

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