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Aug 30, 2021

Moving to a new place is always nerve-wracking. You say goodbye to your old life and start a new chapter. The first step of settling into your new house and setting everything up to make it a home is very crucial to the new chapter. Although, the next step is where people falter; how to strike up a conversation with the people living around you? Making meaningful connections with your determine your quality of life. Might sound extreme packers and movers Singapore but you will be relying on these people to help you and settle into the new town and enjoy it.

Let’s split the art of talking to people in two parts:
Always hold a good posture and exude confidence. The first impression can really be the last one, don’t give anyone the chance to feel unsure about you. Always be courteous and greet everyone you meet with a simple smile. A pleasant smile could do wonders for you, so don’t be afraid to show your pearly whites (or yellows, haha).
Food, food and more food. You can never go wrong with a small soiree with good wine light music and amazing food. Invite your immediate people who have already introduced themselves to you, ask them to invite anyone else they know around the blog as you will never know enough people to make this effort worthwhile.
Once you have taken care of the “actions”, you have nothing to worry about. Basic conversation starters like talking about the weather or movies are not a bad idea but move on quickly and start talking about topics others show interest Compliments are always welcome, try finding unique compliments which might end up sparking a conversation.
Always listen more than you talk.
Stay away from risky topics such as politics, age, relationships or money.
Finally, always end the conversation with a firm handshake and good eye contact.
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Climate change and global warming are not a concept anymore. Every small action can cause a drastic change in the environment, negatively or positively. You are probably among the elite few Movers and Packers in London who truly care about our posterity and live a very eco-friendly life.  Although, have you ever pondered the carbon footprint you leave behind while executing the mundane task of moving and packing? Petrol/Diesel, polythene bags, plastic bubble wraps, plastic tape *gasping for breath. The list just goes on and on. It’s very scary.

Being eco-friendly comes down to 3 simple concepts:
Let’s see how we can become better roommates to our Earth, using these simple concepts.
Moving Truck
Hiring professionals or renting a moving truck might seem unnecessary, especially when the distance is less. Even if you consider yourself as a minimalist, at the time of packing you will realise that you have way more stuff than you ever imagined and one trip in your car just won’t cut it.
Taking multiple trips in your car consumes more gas than one trip in the moving truck. This helps you reduce your carbon footprint while being cost and time-efficient.

“Mom but all my friends are here!”, “Dad, but I don’t want to move, I like it here!” are just some of the things your kids might say in their protest of your decision to relocate. While you might persuade them to move, it can be difficult for them to adjust with everything new.

Here are ways to help your kids adjust after relocation:
You Need to Adjust First
Before you get to the task of helping your kids adjust, you need to get rest and be prepared for the new life. This is extremely important.
Show Your Kids Around
Your job will be easy if you can get your kids to love the place. Take them to popular spots, do their favourite activities with them and soon they’ll start adjusting well.
Prefer to Move During the Holidays.
Don’t make your kids start a new school mid-way. Move much before the new school year is going to begin. Enroll them in a new class where they can meet other kids and make friends before school starts.

Retain Something Familiar
Try to use some of the old things from your kid’s room in their new room. This will make them feel at home for a few days.

Talk to Your Kid
Every night or at the dinner table, talk to them. How are they feeling? What did they do in their day today? Did they meet new people? Keep talking to them and walk them through any of the struggles of moving.

Don’t Make Them Spectators
Involve them in all renovating you need to do and let them make decisions about their own room. This way they will feel responsible and a part of the process. This will make them happy and give them a sense of control.

Any business that provides a service is constantly subjected to mistrust. This is because the service industry thrives on human interaction, and it is our first instinct to doubt and question any relocation company in Singapore new service experience.

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