How Can I Get My Forgotten Gmail Password

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Aug 9, 2021

Gmail is one of the popular email service providers that we can see around us. It is a common thing that we forget our passwords; that too when it comes to social media passwords, we forget it easily. Some think that they cannot get their account back so they just leave it just like that account. But we are here to help you with getting back to your account in which you have forgotten your gmail password

Methods to recover your gmail account:

These are a few of the methods that you can try in google account recovery.

Method 1: Click on forget password and recover it. 

Step 1: In the Gmail login page, click the option ‘forgot password. 

Step 2: Enter your remembered password.

Step 3: If you can remember to give that password, follow the on-screen instructions further to recover it back.

Method 2: From method 1, step 3 you can continue this method. If you can’t remember the password, then you can get back to your account just by answering the security questions. 

Step 1: In continuation to method 1, you have to choose the option to recover by answering the question.

This is the question you would have set while creating the account. Just answer the question so that youfix theforgot gmail passwordissue. 

Method 3: In case, if you have verified your phone number, you can easily get your account back. 

Even after trying all these methods if you can’t retrieve your account back, visitItyug247. They will give you solutions technically. 

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