How Do I Get my Disabled Facebook Account Back

Article about How Do I Get my Disabled Facebook Account Back

Sep 22, 2021

Facebook is a very famous platform which provides its users a number of features like posting photos and videos, sharing contents, texting and other things. But there are some people who are facing problems like disabled Facebook account

There could be plenty of reasons like a fake profile, posting content that Facebook does not allow, people reporting your account, and others that could be responsible for disabled Facebook. So, in this article we would be looking at ways to get rid of the problem of disabling Facebook accounts. 

Fix of the problem of disabled Facebook account 

First of all there is something that the users must know before you recover your disabled Facebook account is that there are two types of disabled accounts that are Temporary Facebook disable and Permanent Facebook disable. If it is the permanent Facebook disable and then we are sorry to inform you that this post is not for you and you should not waste your time here. 

But if your case is of temporary Facebook disable then you have to submit an appeal. For this you have to visit the page of Facebook to get to the Facebook help page and from there you have to look for the form that you have to fill and submit. In the form you have to fill in all the details you have been asked to like your name, your identity proof, and other details. As soon as you have submitted the form you have to click on the submit option to complete the procedure.

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