How Do I Stop Facebook from Disabling my Account

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Oct 22, 2021

There are several reasons due to which Facebook might have disabled your accounts, such as inactivity for a long time, or some time you might have posted some content that violates the rules and regulations of Facebook. Instead of sending a Facebook account disabled appeal, you can use some tricks to save your account from being disabled by Facebook. 

Ways to follow to prevent from losing access to your disabled account – 

1. Active on the Personal Account 

If you are inactive on your account for a long time, then your Facebook account disabled can happen. So, the users have to post pictures, share posts, add new friends, stay connected to them, join new groups, etc. This will help Facebook to identify you as a real person and someone who has created an account just for spying purposes. 

2. By Adding More People as Admin of your Business Page 

If you have a business page then you should make more people as admin of the page to be on the safer side, in case your account is disabled you can get access to your page with the help of someone else’s account or the other admin can add you as an admin again if you create a new account. 

3. Setting up An End Date for your Campaigns 

Disabled Facebook accounts cannot get access to the campaigns so you have to set an end date for it so that you can start it again whenever you want to.

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