How To Log into GoDaddy Email on Office 365

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Oct 18, 2021

GoDaddy has given you the tools you need to get your business online. GoDaddy has given a dashboard for your company email creation, as well as a dashboard for the GoDaddy workspace, in the aftermath of your business digitalization. You simply need to GoDaddy login.GoDaddy email login is all you need for email, and GoDaddy workspace login is all you need for webspace.

GoDaddy offers you an Email and Office Dashboard where you can conduct a GoDaddy webmail login, which will allow you to go straight to your email account settings, manage your account, and access other features.

The features provided by GoDaddy Email login and Office Dashboard are as follows:

  • You may add many users with varying permissions and delete them as well.

  • User details and permissions can be changed after they've been added.

  • Passwords for various users can be changed.

  • Manage your extensions and add-ons.

Email & Office Dashboard Login for GoDaddy

As previously stated, you may access your GoDaddy email login account using two distinct account permissions: Account Owner and User. We can add as many users as we like and offer them full or limited email login account access.

Let's have a look at how to perform the GoDaddy email login for both account users:

    • Owner of the Account

The procedures for GoDaddy webmail login as the account owner are as follows:

    • To begin, navigate to GoDaddy's Email and Office Dashboard.
    • Now, in the visible window, enter the GoDaddy login or customer ID, as well as the password, in the appropriate boxes.
    • Finally, to access your dashboard, click the "Sign In" option.

      • Users with Other Accounts
    • To begin, navigate to GoDaddy's Email and Office Dashboard.
    • Now, input your Microsoft Office Email address and password in the appropriate areas.
    • Finally, press the “Sign in” option to GoDaddy email login.

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