How does Ajax help in Web Application Development

Aug 11, 2021

When you want to develop web applications, you might come across the term AJAX. AJAX or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is a set of web apps development techniques. It offers a superb user experience, and people feel they are using the app on a desktop or laptop. The technologies include HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, DOM, XSLT, AND DHTML.

The developers of the reputed web application development company in Bangalore apply AJAX to build interactive web applications. According to them, it makes web apps faster, and this technology is compatible with multiple browsers also. Besides, it helps in web application development in several ways. They are as follows.

Great user experience

The primary benefit of AJAX is that it provides an enriched user experience. It enables the web apps up-gradation by replacing a few data with the server. Besides, the developers of web application development companies in Bangalore update particular app pages without reloading the whole application. In that way, this technology enhances the browsing experience and gives a better user experience.

Improved user productivity

AJAX can enhance the performance and productivity of the apps significantly. It has an object-oriented library that assists in doing the above.

Reduced bandwidth

AJAX can cut down bandwidth usage and network load by retrieving only the required data. So, you will not only reduce bandwidth usage but also increases the app performance. Besides, it is a viable technology as it applies client-side scripting to interact with the server and transfer data by utilizing Javascript.  

Expanded compatibility

AJAX supported browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Opera, and so on. It is also compatible with PHP, ASP.NET, J2EE, and other languages also. So, you will get enhanced compatibility if you utilize AJAX. 

Comfortable navigation 

AJAX allows a comfortable and easier transition between web application pages to the users. Unlike several technologies that use traditional back and forward buttons, AJAX will offer much easier navigation. 

To sum up, AJAX is a gift of todays technology. It has a dominant role in developing web applications. The above advantages determine why it is helpful for web apps.