How much would it cost to develop a dating app like Tinder

Article about How much would it cost to develop a dating app like Tinder

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Oct 27, 2021

The technological advancements & skyrocketing usage of smartphones paved the way for mobile apps for every need. However, there is an app for almost everything, including an app for online dating. 

One such promising app is Tinder. It has become a trend during the Covid-19 outburst. Noticing this, business people or entrepreneurs wish to leverage the chance of entering the online dating sector with an app like Tinder. But, there is a common question arising for them. That is, they are so curious to know its development cost. This blog will give insights into it. Check it now!   

Total cost for Tinder Clone app development

The exactcost for Tinder Clone app development cannot be predetermined without knowing the business requirements. Roughly say, the basic version of the app would cost $5000 - $8000. And, the cost will elevate considerably when you opt for an advanced version of the app with remarkable features. On a brief note, it will depend on the following factors.  

  • Features & functionality

The feature-set is the major determining factor for developing Tinder Clone. The more features added to the app, the greater the cost will be. When you plan for app development within a budget, consider incorporating only necessary features.

  • Time limit


The cost is directly related to the time required for the app development. The time frame will be based on your app requirements. When you decide to build the dating app from scratch, it takes more months to complete. On the flip side, choosing the online dating app script only takes a few weeks for customization. So, you can get a ready-made Tinder Clone at a nominal cost.

  • App design

The interface is the first thing that the users will notice. Make it the best in order to retain the existing users. Ensure the user interface is intuitive and appealing yet simple. 

  • Company’s geographical location


The app developers you hire or the company you choose for app development plays a crucial part in dating app development. For example, the United States-based company's charges would be high compared to the United Kingdom-based companies.  

  • Other factors

Those mentioned above are the predominant factors that play a major role in determining the Tinder Clone app development. Other factors include technology stack, app size & complexity, and third-party service integrations. 

Wrap up

As a final say, the cost of a Tinder clone will rely on your business requirements. To know the exact pricing details of app development using online dating app script, approach us and get a free quote.

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