How to Recover a Disabled Facebook Account

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Jul 29, 2021

If any user/ account violates certain terms and conditions of Facebook, Facebook disables or blocks that account. If your account has also knowingly or unknowingly been disabled by Facebook, stick to the end of this article. 

Make sure your account is disabled temporarily. Because a permanently disabled account cannot be restored. Read on to know how a disabled Facebook accountcan be restored. 

How to recover a disabled Facebook account?

Follow these steps to revert your disabled Facebook account. 

  1. Locate the Facebook official investigation forms online. You can access the forms by clicking any of the links given below

From 1.

Form 2.

Form 3.

  1. The Form will ask for your personal details, enter your phone number, and the email address associated with your disabled Facebook account. Make sure the info you provide is correct and valid because Facebook may use this info to contact you.

  2. Type your full name in the full name section

  3. Provide an authentic government issues ID (such as your driving license or any other which consists of your legal name, date of birth, and other info)

  4. At last, enter other details in the add other details fields. This includes anything such as if your legal name is different from your Facebook account name. 

  5. Now, wait till Facebook gathers your info and takes affirmative action. 

You can visit the Worldzowebsite to know about it in detail. Thanks for reading! Stay safe! 

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