How to access the old cash app account without an email or phone number

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Oct 29, 2021

Some people set up an account with Cash App and then stop using it since they do not have access to the previous phone number or email address they registered within Cash App. This means you can no longer gain access to your old account and continue to search for "how do I access my old Cash App account." 

However, there is no need to be concerned since Square keeps all your information in its database after registering your account with Cash App. So, all you have to do is follow these steps to get back the original account on the Cash App account.

Follow these easy steps to open an older Cash App account if you have your old email or phone number available to you:

  • Start the Cash App to either your Android as well as iPhone.
  • Click on the icon for your profile located in the upper-right edge in the Cash App home screen.
  • Now Click on "Personal"
  • On the next screen, enter your email address or your phone number.
  • You will receive the sign-in on your old email address or phone number.
  • Check the code that you received. Then the old and new Cash App account has been successfully merged.

How o access the old Cash App account without a phone number?

Often, individuals change their mobile number, only to discover that they cannot log in to their cash App account as they no longer have their old phone number with them. But, there is no need to fret because you can access your previous Cash App account, even if you've lost access to your previous registered mobile number. Below are some steps you should be aware of:

  • The first step is to sign up for an account with Cash App If you haven't yet registered.
  • After that, you must activate the Cash Card you have purchased by providing personal details such as your name, birth date, and Social Security Number.
  • On the next screen on the next page, you must connect the same bank account and a debit card linked to your previous Cash App account.
  • Select the Profile symbol on the Cash App home screen.
  • Then click to "Support" and then click on the "Support" option.
  • Choose then the "Something Else" option.
  • Then briefly mention that you can’t access the cash app account.
  • Click on "Contact Support" and submit your inquiry by email.

Once you have submitted the form, you will receive an email from the Cash App Support Team to confirm your details associated with your old account, as well as your new account.


How to log in to Cash App with a $Cashtag?

It isn't possible to sign in to the Cash App account using the name $Cashtag, but you can transfer money and receive it.

How to merge to Cash App account?

You can combine two Cash App accounts by following the steps in the Cash App personal tab.

Can i use my old cash app card on a new account?

It is impossible to apply the cash app on the new account since your cash app credit also expires when your account is closed.

How to login my cash app on another device?

To sign in to Cash App on a different device:

1. Open the Cash app and then enter your registered mobile number or email.

2. Enter the sign-in code.

3. Remember to sign out from the device on the account you were logged into.

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