How to create and sell NFT art

Article about How to create and sell NFT art

Nov 8, 2021

The NFT or digital tokens have made big headlines and controversy due to the enormous prices that some NFT art has owned. many artists are looking forward to if NFTs offer an opportunity to make money with their creative artwork. If that's you, this article helps explain the process of creating and selling NFT art.

Create and sell NFT art

The first thing is you will need to pay for the NFT platform to mint (generate) an NFT of your art. most of the NFT platform wants Ether payment.

Create a digital wallet

To buy some ETH, you will need to create a digital wallet with a Meta mask and connect it to the NFT platform. Meta mask is available on the browser extension and as a mobile app.

Buy some cryptocurrency

Once you successfully create a digital wallet you have to buy and deposit some ETH in your wallet to create your NFT art.

Upload your file

You are ready to create your NFT art. Click the create button and you will choose the options to create a single item or sell the same item multiple times. now you need to upload the digital file that takes PNG, GIF, WEBP, MP4, and MP3, up to 30MB in size to make into an NFT art.

Set up an auction

The next part is you will need to choose how you want to sell your NFT artwork. you will see three options, Fixed price, Unlimited auction, and Timed auction.

Describe your NFT

Next, you can add a title and description for your NFT art listing. and then give some percentage of royalties you wish to claim the NFT art. you are almost done.

Pay the fee

Click create an item, you will be invited to pay the listing fee with your connected digital wallet. if you don't have sufficient funds in your wallet don't worry click on the wallet icon you will see the option to add funds directly.

These are the process involved to create and sell NFTs in an effective manner.

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