How to quickly and correctly collect things for the move

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Jun 25, 2021

So, you have to move. The date has been determined; movers and packers in dubai have been ordered. Its time to start the most time-consuming part of the move - packing your belongings. It would seem that this is a simple matter, but in reality, you need to take into account a lot of points.

After all, it is the correct reliable packaging that will ensure the safety of your furniture or things, simplify loading and unloading, as well as unpacking things after moving, which means adaptation to a new place. Based on many years of practice and proven technology for packing our clients property before moving.

We have compiled a list of important aspects and simple rules and added a couple of tricks and life hacks. Compliance with them will not only allow you too quickly and easily pack your things but also greatly simplify the entire moving process in general.

Selection of packaging materials

The first thing to stock up on before moving is, of course, packing materials. Poor quality or inappropriate packaging characteristics will negate all your further efforts and will not protect your belongings.

We have repeatedly written about what the optimal packaging should be when moving. You can read in more detail about the different types, pros or cons of packaging, as well as where you can buy it.


It is not enough to pack and collect things correctly. Marking will help to facilitate the process of unpacking things in a new home.


Dont neglect this simple rule! When preparing for the move, be sure to make a numbered list of all the boxes, with a brief indication of what items are packed in each. Such a document will greatly help you out on the day of the move and after that, it will save time and effort in finding the right little thing.

How to pack properly

So, you have chosen the right container. The moment has come for immediate preparation for the move - its time to collect and pack things.

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Watch the weight of the boxes, do not overload them. This is inconvenient when moving them and increases the risk of rupture. The packed boxes should not be heavier than 10-15 kg. The general principle for packing any things: put heavier things on the bottom of the box, and something lighter can be placed on top.

How to prepare furniture for transportation

Cabinets or racks that will not fit into an elevator or car should be disassembled before transportation. Be sure to label all items, label the top and bottom, and securely attach the tight bag of small fittings directly to the furniture.

So nothing will be lost, not messed up, and in a new apartment, there will be no problems assembling the furniture correctly and as quickly as possible. After disassembly, wrap the individual parts with stretch film, the corners can be protected with cardboard or several layers of air-bubble film.

In general, collecting and packing things for the move is not such a difficult task, although it is quite energy-intensive and requires a certain skill. If you are not ready to allocate enough time and energy to pack the property yourself, we can take care of these chores.

movers and packers dubai will professionally calculate the required amount of packaging of each type, deliver boxes in advance or on the day of moving, securely, compactly pack things, dishes, books, clothes and shoes, as well as furniture and household appliances. We will mark, load into a car, and transport to a new address. Experts can also help with unpacking and arranging things in places, and then they will take out all use packaging materials.

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