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Sep 28, 2021

Wazirx is a famous Indian cryptocurrency exchange platform that makes the exchange much easier for Indian and global clients. Wazirx offers 100+ cryptocurrency exchanges and trading, including WRX tokens.

Wazirx clone script is a crypto exchange that replicates the existing original wazirx platform with developed additional features and functionalities. It is a highly scalable,seamless and robust platform. It is also a customizable platform, that is the features can be modified based on your business requirements.

Why Wazirx clone script?

Many cryptocurrency exchange platforms are not supporting the Indian currencies. But wazirx supports most of the global currencies and also Indian currencies. Even Though at first India didn't show much interest in cryptocurrency, now most of the young cryptopreneus are emerging from India. So Wazirx  clone script will be a profitable money making idea. By starting your own crypto exchange like wazirx you can provide opportunities for many Indians to make exchanges on cryptocurrencies. Wazirx clone script also provides you with a number of features and  functionalities. 

Features and benefits of Wazirx clone script:

2 factor authentication

Advance UI/UX design 

Trading bot

QR scan security

Geographical tracking 

Public and private key security facility

KYC/AML verification

Posting secure ads on the exchange platform

Supports multiple wallets

Supports more than 100+ cryptocurrencies

Flexible payment gateway

QR code scanner

High speed transaction

Where to get a Wazirx clone script?

Starting a cryptocurrency exchange like wazirx is not a big deal, there are a number of cryptocurrency exchange development companies available in the cryptospace. They are ready to provide you with the ready-made solution of the wazirx clone script. If you are looking to develop your best features for a cryptocurrency exchange like wazirx, I suggest you, WeAlwin technologies - Leading cryptocurrency exchange development company with a team of expert developers. Being a top Cryptocurrency exchange development company they are providing the professional, User friendly and secure Binance clone script. Get connected with the best team and start your DeFi projects instantly. They have a ready-made solution of cryptocurrency exchange like Binance that can be launched instantly. 

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