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Nov 25, 2021

Allahabad now known as Prayagraj, a significant city for Hindu Religion as well as historically. Many of us would not know that the city was also known as Kosambi in the late Vedic period. Allahabad lies close to the triveni sangam Where the three  rivers meet Ganga,Yamuna & Saraswati, In which Saraswati river is non existent but It is believed by the Hindus that in the ancient time  the river existed and was one of the three rivers in the great Sangam. The Allahabad is mostly famous because of the great “Sangam”. But the place has much more to offer like the Akbar fort “Largest fort of Akbar”, Swaraj Bhawan, Khusro bagh and more.

Akbar fort:

The fort was built by the Most influential Mughal ruler “Akbar” at the bank of the Yamuna river and is a magnificient large fort. While waking inside the fort you can explore the beautiful halls and palaces along with the Ashoka Pillar and Saraswati Koop.  A 10.6 m high Ashoka Pillar is one of the key highlights of this entire place which traces its history to 232 B.C. Not just this, the pillar is made up of sandstone and boasts various edicts along with a Persian inscription of Jahangir - the fourth Mughal emperor


Sangam where the two most prominent rivers of India merges into one another. It is believed to be among the most holiest event in the Hindu religion. According to Hindu mythology the “AMRIT (elixir)” fell in the Sangam while a brawl was happening between “Sur” and “Asur”.

Hindu pilgrims come here to have a sacred bath in the Holy “Sangam”.

Nearby the Sangam there is Bade Hanumanji Templeand the majestic Akbar Fort (Akbar's largest fort) which are worth visiting.

Bade Hanumanji Temple:

It is a renowned temple of the Lord Hanuman just 500 metres away from the Akbar fort. In the mandir there is a statue of the Lying lord Hanuman also called that is why the temple is also called “Lete huye hanuman mandir”.

Khusro Bagh:

Khusro bagh is a beautiful mughal architecture in the center of a large garden . It includes the tomb of eldest son of Jahangir Khusro Mirza, and the rajput wife of the Jahangir the mother of Khusro mirza “ Noor jahan”, Khusro mirja’s sister nithar begam was also buried there.

Chandrasekhar Azad Park:

This is the famous park where the great Freedom fighter Chandrasekhar Tiwari/Azad killed himself. Allahabad Museum and Victoria Memorial is inside the park itself , Tourists who visit the park also visit the museum and the Victoria memorial.

Swaraj Bhawan:

Swaraj bhawan which was previously known as Anand bhawan had been the Family residence of Jawaharlal nehru and his Father  Motilal nehru.

The history of the place is much longer than being the residence of the nehru family. It was the epicentre of the national Freedom movement and the Ideal place for history lovers.

All saints Cathedral or Pathar Girjaghar:

The church is a magnificient gothic structure building. Was designed by the same architect “SirWilliam muir” who designed Victoria palace

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Articles authored by Siddhant kumar