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Sep 23, 2021

What are Non-Fungible Tokens?


Non-Fungible tokens are just a crypto token that are mainly used to represent ownership over a physical or digital asset. Unlike the other tokens in blockchain technology, these non-fungible tokens have a unique value. Several companies have started offering NFT development servicesdue to the rising demand for Non-Fungible Tokens in this digital world.


Various NFT Development Standards


Below mentioned are some of the popular non-fungible token development standards.




This ERC721 standard is the very first token standard to examine non-fungible digital assets. The NFTs developed on this standard assists in locating he owner of an asset with the access of mapping unique identifier address. And it also helps in transferring the assets in a simple way.




ERC1155 is the first of its kind to introduce the idea of semi-fungibility into the NFT world. Due to its easy transferable nature, the users are not required to enter the token address every time they purchase the assets of same kind.




This standard is to build non-fungible tokens on the TRON blockchain network. This TRC721 standard is absolutely compatible with ERC721 token standard. The NFTs based on this standard can be used to represent any kind of digital as well as physical assets.. It also offers a hassle-free deployment of TRC721 to its user’s unique collectibles.


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