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Aug 4, 2021

·         My Best Social Media Tips for Recognition and Exposure!

Start with your social media profile, because a faceless and/or incomplete profile will not attract attention. COmplete any social media profile as professionally as possible and pay attention to detail. With LinkedIn for example your profile “About” section gives you 2000 characters if memory serves me right.

Use all of them, or as close as you can. The more professional your profile, the faster your presence and recognition will grow! There are a few factors to always consider with building a reputation on social media.

1.       Professional Profile and Picture.

2.       Post Consistency and Timing.

3.       Audience Engagement.

4.       Presentation (The Art of Creating Curiosity).

In my opinion, those are the bare basics of social media marketing. And from an affiliate marketing point of view, you NEVER share affiliate links…Ever! There are other ways, both paid and free methods to leverage social media for affiliate traffic.

·         How to Use Social Media Marketing for Affiliate Marketing?

Under no circumstances do you ever share affiliate links on social media. That just trumpets “Newbie” and you will have a hard time building recognition. Without recognition, your social media presence is going nowhere, and neither is your social media marketing efforts.

These are 10 of my own favourites when it comes to driving traffic to affiliate links. Because you must have a “Bridge Page” or “Affiliate Niche Storefront” to promote affiliate marketing links on social media.

1.       Blogging and SEO.

2.       Email List Building.

3.       Social Networking.

4.       Affiliate Niche Storefronts.

5.       Writing and Publishing eBooks.

6.       Writing Articles.

7.       Creating YouTube Videos.

8.       Launching Digital Products.

9.       Creating Google Sites.

10.   Creating Google Documents.

In other words, a site or URL standing between the social media platform and your affiliate marketing offer. In definition, that is exactly the primary purpose of a “Bridge Page”. To redirect to an affiliate link or offer. Or any other site for that matter.

·         Affiliate Niche Storefronts and Bridge Pages for Facebook!

Affiliate Niche Storefronts are also great “Bridge Pages” for any social profile, including Facebook. Because that is how you get floods of Facebook traffic to Clickbank affiliate marketing links.

Using affiliate niche storefronts and bridge pages will put you on a whole new level of “Professional”. And you may gain recognition a little faster. But you need to do your research and spend some time getting to know your way around affiliate niche storefronts and bridge pages.

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[1] Free Affiliate Niche Storefronts


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